Declaration of War - Champions Corp

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Original_Belladonna, Sep 16, 2018.

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  1. I know. What do I do?
  2. Dave, you know I always got time for your babycakes

  3. Thanks BumbleWeed.
  4. And here I was hoping this would be about the glitched out Declaration of War button in the Alchemist.
  5. I smell the demise of another clan!
  6. Hello. My name is Bella and I want attention. I will spam forums with random, unrelated click bait threads to achieve this.

    Durr Durr.
  7. Stay on topic people, this isn’t for bashing. I suggest you stop or leave altogether. This is about a war against Champions Corp. Not for personal attacks towards me. Where is the moderation, clearly biased and faulty. Come on CC, is that all you got? Assa my spies. 

  8. Stop crying and hit back. You declared war not us. Put up and shut up.
  9. Personally attacks Dave in the op, then gets personally attacked by others and subsequently says the thread is not for personal attacks..

  10. I’ve been hitting you, Dave. 
  11. Wrong. I never personally attacked him. I just specifically called him out. There is a difference. Not that you’d see that anyways, Drgn.
  12.  little Bella vs an entire clan? So, how long before they make you quit Bella?
  13. Well that would break tou. If the devs would enforce it.
  14. o_O

    Then I guess no one personally attacked you, they just specifically called you out. You’re arguing semantics and mincing words to try and further push your own little agenda and personal version of things. You do you though bro.
  15. Why would I quit? I’m not here for the “mechanics” of the game, I’m here for the people. I’ve reiterated that countless times. I’m content with my size. I’m content with everything about my account. They can’t do anything to me. And that is why I pity their weak EB clan, because I know and they know that they can’t do anything to me, let alone “make me quit”. 
  16. Semantics are a wonderful thing and quite valid in situations of dialogue, Drgn. Most of the time, they’re relevant pieces of facts.

  17. Is this an actual osw? Says osw on ur clan page but I feel like Bella is just getting smacked by herself/himself with no real support
  18. Can you provide specific examples of the behavior and actions of these players in question?
  19. These fools have literally taken less than two billion of my gold. How am I getting smacked? I have however taken a few trillion from them. Not that it’s about the gold, I could not care less. I know they care, hence all this “retaliation”. Come on CC, you can do better. ️
  20. No good come to this
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