Death of the tank build

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  1. Support and try to contact support.
    And let's have another update crash :roll:
  2. The added benefit to spy builds and ppl adding abyss spy buildings can be laid at the feet of the Devs especially regarding event drops.Until they balance out things KAW will become SAW Spies at War,it will be interesting to see the changes next event that the devs have promised.
  3. Rip attack builds
  4. Just convert. no need to complain :)
  5. Where you have the towers matters a lot which a lot of people don't seem to get. Anyone who is bc or near bc and has towers that aren't on the abyss or osmon rai are shooting themselves in the foot.
  6. I like my build I have been Hansel attack hybrid I've changed build more times than I can remember wasting gold. Hansel's pay like a EB such nice gold can't fail on them either.
  7. Tanks, ftw!!!!!!!
  8. I love tank but i too had to start converting. Its why i have my very noobish build now lol
  9. That's how this was stupidly
  10. Dude your first post and its wasted keeping a thread that should die alive.
  11. My understanding is the price of all that static defense is low plunder

    There must be trade offs. You can't have high static defense AND get the same plunder as a hansel with low/zero static defense

    If tanks could make the same plunder as attack builds and hansels, wouldn't everyone wanna be one? It would be the best of everything. But that's not fair

    I like that tanks make less
  12. Ah the age old question: offense or defense?

    I remember when owners would freak outif you put up towers, now majority of people do it like it was going out of style.