Death of the tank build

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  1. I first started seeing this push towards more and more people converting to hansel/ps1 when abyss lands were released because of the plunder spies can make over attack builds. With the release of these latest lands it is getting wildly out of control. Spy builds (while a crucial part of the game and I respect anyone who chooses this route for gameplay preferences) are drawing a clear growth advantage over attack builds and are rendering tank growth (comparatively speaking because of towers lack of plunder) non-existent. If you haven't noticed all the new lb spy builds, check out the ASW clans. At least 7 of the top 10 members in every clan are heavy hansel if not completely ps/ps1. Many times in the last year have I thought about converting just to keep pace, but I love my tank build and find it is my favorite way to indi war. Slowly the choice for me is becoming clear: convert or quit. A tradgedy of sorts, because I simply cant keep up with my spy peers unless I crux, xtal, hte every day.

    While many will argue spy builds are better, I don't think anyone would argue it is foolish not to have a balance in this game...and maybe it is still fairly balanced, but it won't be for much longer. Devs need to take a hard look at this and in a hurry imo.

    I am interested in reading all comments from both spy and tank vantage points.
  2. I like being balanced.
  3. Support for spy builds
  4. Support for balance
  5. how many times have we gone over this
  7. I bet you watch Fox News don't you?
  8. *faints* my idol
  9. You are about 3 years late on realizing this

  10. You arent balanced
  11. I'm a hybrid and other than towers hurting eb plunder i am fine with hansels.

    Not playing for eb's only helps as well as easy wins on hansels on EE. Minimum troop losses against hansels & same for PS when gold out.

    PS/PS1 r open to easy strips in EE & OSW.

    I have and use alts for other reasons as needed.

    I guess it all boils down to style of play
  12. Not with this account. Breaking news, some people have alts.
  13. Post with ur main then lol
    FYI i have mo main just alts.
  14. You're not really balanced.

  15. Breaking news....alt or not you are a fool
  16. I agree with your post 100% and it's why I am slowly converting... I didn't want to convert but I was literally making 35-40% the gold that my size hansels were making... So I joined them  but I would rather be tank
  17. What about attack they suck worse than tank 
  18. Since when was a PlayStation 1 a build? It's a console
  19. is it a build, is it a console, is it a planetary system?, its ps1:ultimate hero of the hidden way & destroyer of balance XD