Dearest Eagle the Moron

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  1. I never mentioned anyone shared accounts, what I said was an I Quote "mods was denied on several different alts an finally got accepted" jus to pretend there someone else,now you should most definitely pununciate an use your vows how you gone be a dyslexic mod did you drop out of highschool?
  2. Eagle going for the forum ban being that yafi got dismantled an no longer exists jus like Zaft, which reminds me it's common knowledge yafi had tons of alts kinda like the forlove clan that cast 22+ alts last pvp which reminds me eagle you owned quite a few of them care to explain?
  3. Hopefully ata watching, lmao. only you mentioned account sharing, then locked the thread care to explain?
  5. This
  6. Derail all you like, lmao. that's all you can do to assist eagle in avoiding the legitimate line of questioning, now carry on acting like a bored little kid.
  7. Dude chill
  8. Ok I had to unlock it to post my evidence.

    This was the reason why the thread was locked, besides going off on forums where I haven’t even been on, you could have followed and ask questions there, but besides making yourself look silly lol.

    Also insults doesn’t work as well, so what everyone is talking about.

    Again, if you have a issue with certain players violating the ToU please open up a ticket and provide the names and reason, the developers will review it.

    Don’t have a cow man.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.