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  1. In Many Zombie Movies, a mere bite or scratch is enough to Infect and eventually cause a living human to become "undead".

    Whether Total Apocalyspe Ensues, or A Civilization is created, Eventually The Humans must encounter and Battle the Undead.

    However, The humans, many times do not have sufficient armour. Infact, in Multiple Movies, The Military, alive or Undead, Can be seen Wearing Bullet Broof armour, and tactical Boots, Gloves and Helmets(Because Zombies shoot bullets).
    If the Humans are smart, they learn to cover their limbs with any avaliable protective materials.

    The Point is, Why not wear Chainmail. Chainmail and metal armour is better suited to defend against anything mele, and is the main reason it was used for thousands of years. Fun Fact, Stab Vests and Tier III + vests (Used today) Feature a metal or ceramic Plate.

    Why? Beats me. It must be good against

    In addition, Why do people Not use swords. One slice= a kill. Bite resistant armour and a weapon with over 2+ feet of reach.

    How many Licks does it take to get to the center of a tootise Pop?

    The world may never know
  2. Armor would be a bad idea, very comber some I feel like , you would not be able to get away easily from a horde, on the other hand I don't think zombies would bite through Kevlar or military tactical gear (they have messed up mouths and teeth so biting through that seems like it's not going to happen)
  3. lol sounds like u need to watch more zombie & medieval movies to get a better idea...chainmail is heavy, slows movement & is fairly ineffective against blunt force melee weapons & attacks which can be a huge disadvantage against the undead...also alot of ppl are not only protecting against the undead but also against ur post-apocalyptic scavengers/looters, etc, which may use bullets..., u should note plate armour is more so the pinnacle of armour protection & in modern times certain alloys allow to be both lighter and more durable...& i've seen swords and other melee weapons used in quite a few zombie films however bullets are faster, hit harder, can be used from a range & can be used with explosive impact shells & can be used more accurately which puts them in a whole different league then melee weapons when fighting the undead, animals or humans.
    Also the answer too how many licks it takes can depend on surface area of ur tongue applied, forces applied, velocity of toungue speed, amount of saliva applied, density of the tootsie pop made, temperatures and many more factors, so it can be quite a difference from one person to the next or one tootsie pop to another.
  4. Another reason is that it would be difficult to acquire chainmail nowadays
  5. Would you be referring to..




    Shaun of the dead

    Styled zombies?
  6. Guns are loud though, they attract zombies
  7. Using a sword means being close and blood splatter woukd carry an infection risk

    Old fashiomed armour is just too heavy
    Ask ironman to step up

    Last and sorry to be a buzz kill
    No infection that would infect the brain in such a manner portrayed in any zombie theme coukd exist
    The infection would kill the host before they could become an active zombie
    So the plus side you wont ever need armour to protect you from zombies.
  8. Thats why the US government has a plan in place incase of a zombie outbreak
  9. Unfortunately they commisiines the report fir the same reason they costed building a death star
    A petition with enougj signitures requires a formal response.

    And whilst i wouldn't support the theory that preying on people's fears and generally being a dumbass influences some government decisions
    Obviously it does
    Perhaps read up on the world health organisation reports and other scientific reports
  10. Just wear denim ffs
  11. You know what this thread needs?


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    Did I do that right?
  12. The zombie virus concept is actually closely based on rabies, hence why it makes for good sci fi apoc themes

    Umfortunately or fortunately depending upon your opinion
    Rabies takes between 7-10 days to incubate
    It affects the higher brain functioms and limits a victim to base feeding hunger and can demonstrate as aggression im cases
    The biting is associated most as we all associate the disease with animals
    Unfortunately the disease kills its hosts within 2-3 days immobolising them first within the 48 hours
    There are on average 100 cases per year normally in regions like africa and the human hosts die pretty rapidly after suffering debilitating confusion and halucinations in early stages
    So while it may seem plausible to some to assume it may be able to happen for real no virus or bacteria capable of such huge damage to the host body can sustain the victims life for any length of time for them to be considered a true zombie much less start a worldwide pandemeic
    All those infected will die and stay dead.
  13. eh 2/10
  14. thats what our government wants you to think
    *tinfoil hat emerges
  15. google zombie moose, on youtube it will freak you out, just saw it the other day.
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    Though she doesnt look much like a zombie so love bites should be safer
  18. Zombies.

    The answer is duck tape.