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  1. The following is addressed only to the community of people who either still war, or want wars to come back into higher popularity.

    Theres something special about war. Something different. It's the moments of KaW when it stops becoming a simple tap tap game, and changes to a faster paced challenge, one of which you never gonna know what, or who, youre gonna get. Wether it's the rush, the thrill, the challenge, the chance, putting that build youve been working on for so long to the test, the change up in regular KaW activities, or for some, trying something new, learning about different game mechanics, or whatever reason it may be, wars are one of those things about KaW that make it so damn great.

    Unfortunately, as much as we all dislike it, war is getting less and less popular. While theres hundreds of thousands of people participating in each event, wars are struggling to get any competition at all to get into the top 500. You can literally make the top 500 through winning just 2 wars. In the whole event. Only just before I thought it was odd how I couldnt find any war clans for lowlands, when I noticed after the matchups that not a single clan matched up that war. Each matchup is becoming less and less versatile, where you are able to predict each player who is likely to be in your war event, their is a great lack in new players, only "new" warrers seem to be players who used to war before and just went inactive for a while, like I myself am guilty of.

    We love to blame it on the devs and come up with ideas of how the devs can make KaW better, but I dont think its likely that the devs will be raising a single lazy finger to make a change for the better, so why dont we stop blaming the devs (even though they have a massive part to play), and compile some ideas in this thread of what we can do ourselves? Its time to take action before war gets lost all together. Dont look to the past or hope devs will do what you want in the future, lets take action NOW, us, the community, together.

    Some of the suggestions that I would like to put forward include:

    - Inviting friends and new players along, teach them how to war, lets develop an interest in the knowledge behind what it takes to war, and an interest among the broader community. Perhaps put out ads even? "Do you have what it takes? Come prove yourself in this next indi war, sign up NOW", to catch eyes and gain interest

    - Turn our attitudes and participation around in CC. CC is where it all comes together, essential war communications, tracking KO's, WC's giving command and all of the likes. It is a view point for every player particpating in war, so we should do our best to keep it positive and friendly, lively and welcoming. Imagine if a new player waltzed right into CC and saw some of the arguing and blame games that go on, thats their first view of war, no wonder they dont stick around! This is something not all of us, but a number (very much so including myself) are guilty of, getting lost in the heat and pressure of the war, the threat of losing your EE and getting less event items, etc and is not a good look for the community, nor is it pleasant to any of us other than a way to release built up stress, frustration, worry, or anger.

    Have more volunteers to WC, and Track. WC's and trackers are what keeps the clan together and organised. I dont know about you guys, but it is so much more relieving when youre in a well co-ordinated team thats hitting targets fast, and as a team. Amps up the competition a bit. That being said, once a WC is decided upon, we should do our best to LISTEN to that player, and offer polite suggestions rather than start rude arguments (also something Im guilty of). If theres any new players or players re-testing war, its more beneficial to us to have them stick around, rather than see an unco-ordinated mess of heated debates and decide war isnt worth it.

    Well those are my thoughts and I would very much like to talk to you all about further suggestions, or constructive criticism you may have.

    Oh, and in before someone says "In B4 locked for low effort" 
  2. I'd like to see some community organised old system wars screw ee let's get it done I'll put some charms up as a prize for the winners.
  3. Why are you guys keep trying? No matter how much war threads they’ll do nothing man, they barely have a functioning kaw team.
  4. I’m actually pretty interested in learning EE wars. It was something I never got into when I was starting out and active last. If anyone’s willing to teach, I’m all eyes.
  5. True
  6. Great Bluejay! Would be great to have you along to try some wars out!
  7. It was already stated in the thread that this is NOT about appealing to the devs, rather about the community to come together and do something themselves since the devs wont.
  8. also can we add the reset button so i can farm people to reset again

    yeah wars are pretty dead. got my first ever no match a couple of days ago. which kinda sucked cause i wanna get back into ee.

    devs dont do anything for this game. we need people to start realizing that fact. war will die.

    i dont know if enough people read forums. we need to get an actual movement flowing or something lol.
  9. Oh please give it rest, like I haven’t heard enough battle speeches on a ‘get together’ that never works, either everyone has given up or they don’t care anymore and just need quick mith and easy top 500/100. Wars is no longer appealing.
  10. The community would have to come together and build teams based on stats and allies. One could suggest a stripped down version where everyone removes equipment. But this would require the honor system which this is kaw and prolly wouldn’t happen one person would ruin it for everyone. I would love to see a community given set of rules and run war bracket but that’s a lot of planning for people with more free time than me.

  11. ...wha? no more "Yes Man"??? :(

  12. Good idea actually, and with the rewards part why don’t we do like

    1st place)200mil cs (in charms)
    2nd place)150mil CS
    3rd place) 100mil cs
    4-9th place) 50mil cs
    10-15) 25mil cs

    And the losing team is who gives it to them.
  13. It's either FFA that deals with a good clan
    or ffa that happens to match ffa

    or no match
  14. I like where youre going with this, only perhaps a bit of a more simple reward system? I think if its too high you will get dishonesty and a lack of trust. Maybe 50 charms per player in top 10 and 60, 70, and 80 charms for for the top 3 spots? And the ones who give charms are decided from the bottom up, say the player at the bottom of the opposition roster would have to give 80 charms to #1 on winning side, second to bottom gives 70 to #2 on winning side, etc.. I think this would be a good insentive for players to make sure they contribute and try hard in war.

    I think it would also be good to include a bit of an insurance policy. Say, anyone who doesn't live up to expectations and refuses to give charms to the winning side gets put on a forums based BAN list, where everyone knows not to include them in war for the next 2 weeks or something
  15. I think a couple trial runs could be necessary as well
  16. 20mil charm each buy in the winning team gets the pot lol only a little reward but would be a bit of fun.
  17. In order to win LL wars you need to be apart of their so-call ways. Otherwise you'll end up in a FFA clan just being a punching bag. I only war indis now because, I like the suspense of a random match. Don't like that some players will leak to win but, that don't stop us from doing our best to win.
  18. A very nice thread to read
  19. Thankyou 
  20. Honestly, I quit wars long ago because I don't have fast device nor fast connection, and even if I tried hard, obeyed wc, etc, all of that worth nothing when u have opponents with faster connection,devices or using bots/clickers. You become the unwanted noob, the fatty short no one wants in their basketball team. So yeah, I quit out of frustration.

    In other words, wars are elitist. To participate in a semi serious lowland war clan, you need to fill up A LOT of requirements.

    And war community is harsh and offensive if you're new or slow.