Dear Shadowbeas11,

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  1. Hello KaW, smile here.

    Well first off, here's the back story of the situation for all you spectacular members of the KaWmunity:

    Once upon a time, there was a happy II_bunny_II who resided in a wonderful clan family known as Divine. II_bunny_II was very happy here and enjoyed spending time in cc and pm with all the friends she had made! :)

    One day bunny came across someone who went by the name of queenslander, while on one of her adventures. This queenslander followed the happy bunny and being the nice woodland creature she is, she of course, followed back. However the conversation quickly went south as queenslander asked bunny for personal info! :eek: bunny was shocked and creeped out, so she did what anyone would and un-followed queenslander ASAP! She did not want to talk to people like that.

    However bunny troubles did not end there! Oh no! (it wouldn't be much of a tale if they had, now would it!) queenslander would simply not leave bunny alone! It was at this point when I thought something needed to be done. So I followed the owner, who goes by the name of Shadowbeas11, to tell them what their member had done to my friend and clan member. I however got no answer :( so I posted on his wall.

    Still no answer.

    So after 12+ hours of waiting I checked his wall and I was greeted by this wonderful message that every owner loves to see!


    Now I was very confused. I had only wanted to talk and now suddenly my training clan is being thrust into an osw. However with the owner still unwilling to co-operate, we took a peak on his clan page!
    This is what we saw:


    Hmmm seems fishy right? No, you say? Here's what we thought. We noticed a few things wrong with this:

    #1 .ALPHA. (A WDGAF clan) and BH (just had a war with WDGAF) are allied with the same clan?
    No way.

    #2 How are such big clans allies with such a small little clan with so few actives?
    Not a chance

    #3 Even if they are real allies why would they be willing to stick their necks out for such a small clan?

    So we did some digging an here's what we found:

    We were right.

    When asked about the clan, we were greeted with responses such as: SWOTF? Who the hell are they? As seen in this SS:


    Finally the owner followed me back. He said that if we don't want a war then myself and bunny are both going to have to apologize on his wall for "dishonoring" his clan.
    But here's the kicker.......

    After he said that, he decides to block us.


    So now even if we want to apologize (which we did not) we cannot! Which brings us to the purpose of this thread.

    Dear Shadowbeas11 and Shadow Warriors of the Fallen:

    You have picked a fight, one which you cannot win. You have met your match. Hell we've barely even tried and your already crying.

    Your practically begging for a cf, giving me 4+ "last chances" to walk away before a war.

    You want war? Welcome to the clan perma farm list. We needed some live gold sources anyways...


    ˻͝˻͝ʹ͜ ˓͜⌯⃕˓⋟ɖıvıɴɛ яɛɢıɱɛɴT⋞˒͜⌯⃔ʹ͜˻͝˻͝.
  2. I was in this clan. Support.
  4. You guys are very fast readers
  5. Yea I am, I love the "Genius" pic, it's the best! I was laughing SO hard.
  6. Support for smile.
  7. Support!
  8. Lol sounds like that clan owner is a real dumbass. He's lucky he's not on a perm farm list for listing alliances he doesn't have.
  9. Divine all the way....Shadows dug himself into a deep hole
  10. Shadow is an idiot. He claims to have a "shadow alliance" and lists a bunch of clans that have nothing to do with him. Last time we smacked him around, nobody came to his aid. Don't let up on'em.
  11. Thank you all for the support :) we will be sure to kick his ass for you all ;)
  12. Get them Divine! I had a run in with Shadowbeas11 about a player I farmed named sawyYSRr. Shadow informed me he was going to strip me down to my panties and give me a whack...I'm still waiting.
  13. SawyYSR and shadowbeas are both noobs. Support OP.
  14. Hahahaha lmfao. I also have screenshots about touch. ( the founder of MI) saying he isnt allies or he doesnt know him. Also read his wall. He wants me to cf? he fails all his hits nd im weaker lmao
  15. Thank you all for support :) and for those who followed offering what they know about the "genius" in question :)
  16. Very well written, support ;)
  17. What a nice thread :)
  18. Divine has my support I have a target if anyone gets in my way my alts that do not have Balto in they're name will be meeting them in their newsfeed