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  1. Dear KAW creators and developers , please make another game like FC or GAW, I miss those games  I would love to have a game (other than PIMD) as an alternate to this wonderful game

    And for those critics , yes I know it's a terrible thread , I'm just trying to voice my opinion here, so make this popular if you want another game like GAW or FC 

    sincerely ~ KaW enthusiast
  2. Oh wow check that out.. The Devs already listened to you!

    Enjoy your Kaw experience 
  3. Support, I liked GaW a lot.

    THE MOB- greatest war family ATA ever saw
  4. Dear poster, thanks for your thread, I haven't seen a thread like this ever in my 5 years on KaW, I was hoping I would never see such a thread with these eyes but I have.

    And I want to say that this is totes just my opinion lols, so like upvote my post lols and show you suppert if you think this thread shouldn't exist (annoying three emoji)

    love u,
  5. Top kek


  6. Can I find those apps in the top grossing section of the App Store? I feel as though they would both be in the top 10..
  7. Its in everyone's best interest (apart from ATA's) that ATA just concentrate on this game rather thsn dilute interest and consumer spending on other titles :)
  8. Biggest cowards an ATA app ever saw, all they did was what every other gaw alliance did- spammed tens of clans and put anyone in CA that dared say badly about them. Same with the tank alliance, the code alliances ALL OF THEM.
  9. Somebody caught butthurt...
  10. Smash and meego.
  11. What have you done!

    Bring back FC :D
  12. You know that picture is true daph
  13. Just give us a new server