Dear KAW: A Dilemma

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  1. Congrats on giving your kid a stupid name and yes when you tell her what she was named after she will hate you for it. But I figured you for white trash anyways.
  2. Arkosia the Duce sounds legit

    Congrats girls are easier than boys
  3. dude. you're always so pissed off at people. calm down.
  4. I'm Egyptian.

    If you are going to be a racist stereotyper, at least stop being wrong.
  5. Snokee the Troll, That's a good name.
  6. Egyptian the deuce

  7. Nuff said....
  8. If that was not clear, I believe Snooki is a pretty disgusting human.
  9. I'll bang snookie once. Why Thr Hell not?

  10. Why stop at once?
  11. Cause the STDs gained from the one encounter with her would make certain parts shrivel up and die.
  12. I never really watched that show until my buddy was raving about her getting a UTI and peeing outside in her backyard when her bathroom was 10 feet away.

    I was hoping some dude would punch her face. Turned out J-Wow got punched.

    I was pissed. But, yeah, Frog, I'd use a couple of trojjies, and some duct tape if I were you bruh.
  13. The best decision ive ever made in my life was lowering my standards.

    Saves a lot of money too.
  14. Support
  15. Meh.. I have an ordinary name. There must be 5 friends in my contacts alone with the same name.

    She would probably never know nor care. It would be different.

    Side note, My name is so ordinary that 'Twinky' is my legit nickname.
  16. Shes a baddie
  17. She's disgusting. Not hot. Fat. Stupid. Annoying. Pretty much the opposite of what I would ever look for in a chick.

    And she has STD's. And she slept with Pauly..he has AIDS.
  18. I saw a sculpture once, where some people took a pigs head, and made it into a sculpture of Paris Hilton. I could only wonder, why not snooki?

    No snooki. I far prefer Rihanna Myself. Or Emma Stone. Or Charlize Theron.
  19. Did you just describe Deni?