Dear Devs-- Enough Indi wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by mlm__LADY__mlm, Jun 24, 2014.

  2. The amount of roster stacking hasn't gotten out of control in clan wars. I do think devs need to have more clan wars.... it's up to the people (which wont happen) to stop roster stacking so freakin much ...
  3. Keep WOC for indy.

    Make a new spell for Clan V Clan like

    CTA or something ( call to arms)

    Give peeps a choice.

    Fair warriors will always rage against exploit warriors and and vice versa.
  4. but the largest part still remains that wars are one by great war commanders and great tracking and the ability to follow orders without argumentative Cc
  5. No support. Individual wars are the best addition to law for a long time.
  6. Not Legions at War 

    Or learn to spell 
  7. I'm okay with a 50/50 indie war- clan war schedule.clan wars are too sh there's no point in doing them if you're not in a big war clan. indie Wars you have 50% chance at winning.
  8. For the love of god stop complaining about the damn ee system. Grow a pair and get into an osw for some pvp action. Ee will never be fixed because the dev's are just not up to the challenge.
  9. Support til the death x
  10. Only people who cheat the system want indi wars gone -.- just so you can stack rosters and get easy mith equip
  11. Personally, I've not done a single individual war - but I can't say the concept is entirely bad. Just feel the rewards need to be amped since they are overall much more harder, compared to basic clan EE wars.
  13. Support this I have helped hold my clan together and keep it running since before season 1 and now we can't even war together anymore? Indy wars are lame I want to war with people I know and trust that are battle proven not a bunch of noobs/inactives/alts
  14. I have to say alot of confusion with trust in these wars even though i am new.but i also think it brings out the best in "WC" and "Trackers" i think ppl are looking at this inbthe wrong way despide all the problems everybody gets to fine tune there skills.imbrace it instead of finding fault.become better for s4,find new weakness and faults within yourself.i am a noob at ee wars but learning my build.that within itself is a victory.A shout out to lady a great wc/tracker i have learned alot "happy kawing"
  15. Everyone that is upset at all the Indy wars, would you go look at war times now? They have clan wars coming up. As I said before, the devs aren't doing away with clan wars. They were working on Indy wars. This should make it clear to everyone the devs intend to do both.