Dear ATA:

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  1. Exactly Vixen Thank You!!! :D
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  4. I got an idea for devs.
    Why not let us convert rl money to kaw gold at a 1-1 ratio. I guarantee you will get a massive profit.
  5. Couldn't agree more!!!!

    This is a paraphrase of how I remember s3 going:

    kaw_admin: "Hey guys! The long awaited Rancor Season 3 is starting in two weeks!!!

    We'll post information about the rewards soon!"


    kaw_admin:" The season is now started! Rancor reward info coming soon!"

    week 1..
    week 2..
    week 3..


    kaw_admin: "Hey there's lots of no matches (mostly due to low participation), we're going to start tweaking the matchup system a little.

    We're still working on the rewards info... hang tight!"

    week 4...

    kaw_admin: "FINALLY we are going to give you the reward info for Rancor Season 3. Ready.....?

    It's nearly the same equip as season 1 except slightly better!!!!! So exciting! But we can't give you the exact stats now. And we still can't seem to fix the problem of so many no matches due to low participation. But we're working on it!"

    The season continued... less clans participated... EE wars essentially died.

    The main problem is not the sh builds. Gh builds existed in s1 and s2 yet there was decent participation from both LB/gh stacking clans and those who did not. WHY? because we had INCENTIVE. A "non-stacking" clan could still win 50% of their wars in s2 with good strategy and towers. But once there was not enough incentive to war, the cost-benefit ratio only made sense to two types of clans... those who stacked their rosters to ensure a high % of wins, and those who had a lot of newer players/ee warriors who didn't have the s1 and s2 equip. Along with an insane amount of no matches, Season 3 basically consisted of the stacking clans pounding on the "noob" clans. But the real problem has still never been addressed.

    My take is that the devs created a rewards system that was unsustainable. The s1 and s2 equip caused an imbalance in the game mechanics that was somewhat fixed by the release of HFL buildings.. but in order to keep it balanced they could not offer equip that was actually worth fighting for unless you didn't have much of the previous season's equip or you stacked your rosters.

    Fix the incentives and you'll find the other issues are insignificant.

    Or you can keep pointing fingers at the lb/sh stacking clans and their players and continue to tweak a system that is simply not worth our time and money to participate in.

    Also, EE wars kinda get boring after a while... I like OP's ideas of mixing the build mechanics up to make pvp/ee wars more interesting and complex.

    tl;dr version: i agree with OP, devs screwed up ee wars when they offered bad incentives in s3. that's the real problem!
  6. SH are not really an exploit, the match system is just poor.

    In reality, if a clan casts 4 large attack builds and 6 SH, they should NOT be allowed a match due to lack of variance in the roster and a huge gap in strength between the fourth large attack build and the SH.

    If people want to war all SH, go ahead. Match then with all SH or people up to around 6m CS.

    Forcing a varied roster with balanced strength throughout the roster would make a much more enjoyable experience.

    The true problem is that not enough people war and the developers must create a system with loose regulations that allows for as many matches as possible. There are not enough participants to create balanced wars without giving many no matches.
  7. tl:dr seems to me someone is not a fan of the game just hush it or don't play lmao
  8. I didn't read it all and scanned it.. But no support.

    Clans will simply send alts to war and get keys, win or lose. 50% of the KaW population hates EE and this is pushing the matter in their face.

    Bonuses for certain placements? I agree they should improve buildings and land. But not like this. The cost to redesign and test different placements would be astronomical and ridiculous. Furthermore everyone would copy each other and the people who trial it lose out.
    So unless free redesign day happens or you lend 10,000 players 33trillion each
  9. I love threads telling the millionaire app developers how to fix/change the game. How many millions have you made from a tap tap game. 
  10. This has to be the worst thought out propose I have ever seen.
    Lets destroy the larger portion of the game to force people to play a version of the game that exploit builds like op have destroyed because that would make the game so much better forcing almost everyone to quit.
    Of course it's genius.
    With only 3-400 exploit players left in the game everything would be so much better for you op.
    not for the rest of kaw.
    Please remove head from anus and realise you are part of the problem that is destroying ee wars for the masses.
    The devs have been given many answers to players like you but have failed to implement them which is on them. The rest is on you and players like you. Selfish greedy and unwilling to put the community before your own needs.

    And don't state business models as an excuse for gameplay. Any halfway decent company knows you need to appeal to your clientele or lose business. Sh are greedy smucks out for a free ride in ee. Equate that to business and your the guy that charges 100 dollars for a cheese burger and goes out of business.
  11. Rez answered it better than I could on page one

    Ebs are meant to get you started on the game later you should move onto wars and pvp, where ebs are meant to only provide funds
  12. Sh aren't an exploit. But there's a simple fix.

    Tighten the hit range In wars. In no way should a 1.8m Cs SH be able to hit a 28m Cs hansel.... And a 30m CS Attak build like they can.
  13. Writes a message for ATA.
    Posts it on forums to players.

  14. So what op saying is create new support. I like it this simple - reason i play this game. Have laugh and fun - not to think too much.
    Plenty of games out there, from which you took the mechs you described from.
  16. You're cool ️
  17. Dear op if u wish there to be more wars kindly build your kingdom into something but a sh and maybe ppl will want to war again :roll:
  18. Mitirials? o_O