Dawn of a New Age

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  1. You know you've played a game too long when the noob kid turns into a well spoken member of the kawmunity. 

    Support...you made some excellent points Erok 
  2. Thanks Gwen.

    I'll take Noob kid as a compliment. :p
  3. A well written post! One of the best, if not the best, personal perspectives I've seen in all the years I've been playing KaW. You brought up some excellent points for the entire community to aspire to. I hope at least some of those changes come to pass.
  4. All HailMighty TRON All Hail
  5. Reluctantly agree and support. 
  6. Great post Erok! 

  7. I believe Tron said "Bring the ban hammer, I like the ban hammer."
  8. Thanks everyone for the great responses.

    And, mods, see Willy's post.
  9. Great thread. Extremely well said, and every part of it is true.

    Yes, the devs need to step-up and listen to us. But also, we need to step up as a community.
  10. Dulce fb stl. He's sleeping coz not pinned . Loser.   eat poopie poop
  11. 100% support to Op, very true and very classy
  12. Oh no wonder .... Now the picture is painted more clearer why he is this way.. Lol
  13. Do not quote my entire OP,

    I would like to request that you edit your response and remove the quote.

    Also, please elaborate on what you mean :)
  14. The Second Great Merc War destroyed FC literally. Having the lb destroy themselves makes them quit and the lb players are the money spenders. No money into kaw means it well be deleted. I think a healthy mix of war and EBs is good. War is fun and that is why devs made ee wars for people who want to war.
  15. oh i made this thread ...... who am i
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