Dawn of a New Age

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  1. Kingdoms At War

    Or is it?

    Over the past fourish years I've played this game on and off, made a fool of myself, made friends, and made enemies.

    The only thing that remained the same for me is the fact it is a war game, with interaction between the others players, fun banter, and ruthless stripping.

    It's dying, slowly, surely, this game is progressing into a "i'll check it once a day and hit my HTE".

    Where is the fun, the arguments, the urge to get on to talk to your clan?

    It's gone.

    But, it doesn't have to be.

    This isn't a thread only about what the Developers can do for us, but what we can do for ourselves.


    I would like to state that I am and don't plan on changing the fact that I am a goofy player. I usually do not make threads like this, but I feel myself slowly fading from this game. I'm going to try and start making this game fun for me again and while doing that attempt to offer ideas and rally people to do the same.

    This post is not a post where I'm ranting or hating on Epic Battles or stating it is "ruining" the game. It is a necessary evil and I understand the Developers need to make money somewhere.

    I am making this post because I love Player VS. Player and I remember the rush I got from this game from 2009-11 and I want newer and older players alike to feel the same urge to play as I, and many others, once did.

    Players Responsibility

    Starting off on this game I was really level headed and simply played, as I discovered forums and the years went on I started becoming very arrogant and, for a lack of better words, annoying. I know that I did not shed a good light on the war section of this game at all, and I just made myself, along with others associated with me (friends, clans, enemies alike) come off really unintelligent

    I feel as I've evolved in this game and life there is a bigger picture than just trash talking the enemy and breaking rules to help yourself. It's more fun when everyone is having fun.

    With this said, I believe the players of KaW, EB Hitters and Warriors, have responsibilities to keep this game alive.

    • A. There must be a mutual respect for other players.

      This means respecting their privacy, morals, and personal information.
      Over the many years of KaW I have witnessed horrible things that players have done to others just to get a reaction, by horrible I'm not talking about in game, I'm talking about pulling real life information and using it against them.

      Guys, I found this game to escape real life, to make friends and acquaintances that I could relate to and have fun with.

      This does NOT mean, a 5 hit farming rule, stripping, or abiding to free ally market trading.
      This is a game, it is not disrespectful to hit someone in a PvP game more than 5 times and if you are told otherwise, please tell them to contact me.

      "Farming" was a term used back in 2009 when OSF's, such as CowLegend, opened up for everyone on KaW and it was a courtesy so everyone could get hits in. It was in no way meant to mean what it means today.

      B. You must play how you want to play.

      There is no "right" way to play KaW as there is no "Wrong" way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

      C. You must create change, not expect it.

      So, so many times I see people expecting the developers to change this game for their liking.
      This is not the case, you must find a way that you enjoy this game and fight to promote it.
      If you want more PvP in this game, you come up with original, interesting ideas for the developers.

      We didn't get to where we are as a community by arguing about how crappy the devs are.

      Remember, this is a free game, just because everyone doesn't have thousands to spend on this game doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. I've enjoyed being an ankle biter for 5 years.

      D. Be loyal.

      Find a clan or a friends. Be loyal to them, make a KaW family. This will change your game experience, forever.

    Developers Responsibility

    Ah, the developers, what can I say. You've made a game that has literally shaped my life.

    I've made friends here, I've spent probably a year in accumulative time playing this wonderful game, along with FC and GaW. You guys have forgiven me for breaking rules, for hurting the community, and for just being a complete Nincompoop.

    I would like to thank you for being available often, for being understanding, and for providing second, third, and sixteenth chances.

    With this said, there are so many things you can do to provide a better game experience for people that enjoy PvPing and can't spend thousands on this game, but still make money while doing it.

    • A. More Indefinite PvP incentives.
      As marvelous and fun the PvP events are, we need a constant prize for playing your game as it was intended. I am not sure, nor am I in the place to tell you what it is you can do, I'm just making it known that it would bring the rush back.

      B. Better Clan Improvements.

      As many have said and have put ideas publicly, it would be nice to see and implantation of a richer clan structure. Whether you can forge clan's into massive alliances, or just add the co-owner feature, I don't know. We just need something to keep going and to keep loyalty higher.

      C. Ability to grow away from Epic Battles

      I am not sure how this will be done, nor do I have any ideas at this point in time. It is as important of a job for you as it is for the players to figure this out. We need a way to grow that isn't just us hitting a "repeat action" button a thousand times a day.

      There is a way to get a buttload of money from this, whether players can buy PvP perks from the oracle, or something, I don't know.

      D. I'm going to stop with this point.

      Stop, I repeat, Stop with making it impossible to reach the top for newer players. The addition of the Abyss lands have just made newer players and accounts chance of ever LCing or BCing impossible. It is ridiculous to know that I would have to spend 15 thousand dollars to Land Complete and Build Complete if I didn't want to wait the year and a half to do it without paying a dime, which at that point new lands, and new buildings will be out.

      If you are to continue releasing lands and updates, consider adding better paying EBs that are free or adding free building coins to PvP actions.

      Just come up with something


    I would like to close with this.

    KaW can be played in many ways and we are going into a new Era. All of my old friends and fellow players that remember how it started, it is our job to come together and help new players and the developers evolve the game while keeping it enjoyable and to bring the rush of the game back.

    I would also like to state an apology, I would like to apologize for not bettering this community for many years, I'm sorry for spam, hot-headedness and for just being a complete idiot.

    Let's make Kingdoms at War, Kingdoms at WAR, again.

    Erok out.
  2. Cool thread.

    I too hope for a great year ahead for Kingdoms at War. A place where new players can play, grow, and meet new friends, one where the old can enjoy KaW like never before, and one where collaboration between developers and players is stronger than ever before.

    But "hope" is the key word.
  3. Best comment I've ever read in forums :) very nicely said TERRA.
  4. I was not asking for support or no support. I will consider this off topic and post count farming, please remove yourself from the thread if you are not providing information or ideas to the topic at hand.

    Thank you.
  5. When war plunder went and eb came in, PVP died in my opinion. That and hte or dragon ebs are a much safer option than hitting another player and immediately after pressing several other buttons to bank your gold on bronze bars and so on.
    Want to fix pvp? Make hitting players more profitable and less tedious.
  6. I very much hope this can happen. Having seen many different ages of KaW, I'd love to see a more PvP focused shift. Then again, I'd like to build complete, and the only way to do that is EBs.

    Back in the day, a trillion gold was something most players couldn't even comprehend. It was a ridiculous amount of money. Now, that's a standard figure.

    I'm far from a new player: I know my stuff and I'm happy to put a little money into the game, and I still don't feel like I'm going to ever get to the top. Imagine what that's like for a starting player.

    Most of the biggest players in KaW have been around for years and years. That might seem like an obvious point, but surely we should have some new blood in the top ranks?

    I just started an alt and I'm struggling in a new perspective. No matter my knowledge, or just isn't helping when I can't hold an ally for longer than it takes to unload. New players face having to build up around a billion in gold to have a fixed plunder bonus that won't disappear at any time.

    There is a lack of players joining KaW which creates a huge deficit in the ally market, leading to inflation. This makes it harder for new players to grow, and I think should be addressed in some way. It's not an easy one though - you can't mechanically introduce new active players to the system.

  7. I haven't seen the word nincompoop in ages..
  8. This sounds and seems brilliant. But to amended about moving away from ebs let them hit you to decimate your tops but not your gold and make eq drop from pvp to make it more rewarding
  9. The new chat filter has me using PG words again.
  10. ... There are ways around the filter. 
  11. Though you'd still get a forum ban / silence rather than a "hey, props to you for working it out dude!"
  12. Totally agree. I started 3 alts in the last month and have up on em. Can't hold allies to offload. Only way to get enough gold simply to be able to hold an ally is by hitting a lot of hte pots. New players won't buy seals straight away....

    Needless to say I quit on each of those alts
  13. That goes with my point on not spending 15k to become the top.

    Pretty sure Redstar has no problems making alts.
  14. 2 week maximum plunder spell for all New players I'm thinking?
  15. Call me crazy, but what if you weren't allowed to volley up a new player. Now hear me out. Yes it would take free gold out of the hands of players that don't really need it as bad. It would also force new players to grind it out and grow their 60k CS by actually playing the game. Also like you mentioned players would be able to hold an ally for longer than an unload. The amount of Inactives is ridiculous. For the most part every "new" player I meet is actually just a new alt.
  16. Perhaps not in such a raw form, but I think Froggy's idea could work if developed? Say new players could only be hired once per <period of time> ... Say a day, or an hour?
  17. If you think about it a startup volley is a built in exploit. All other exploits had been nerfed already.