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  1. Dave is a bad mod. He was exposed as for scam people and then he silence them after scamm them. This is bad. Then Also Dave locks the thread expose him for the sCams. Not good Dave. Then I make post about the scam mod Dave and he try to strip me for talking truth about him. Not good save. Then he get mod friend Jedi lock thread where he get exposed
    Again for his ways. And then he striped me again. Or at least he try. Not good Dave u r bad mod and dumb player.
  2. I don't think Dave is the dumb one here
  3. #FreeTheMods
  4. The locking of the vote-for-mods thread is simply ridiculous. Disagreeing with an idea (which I do as well) is NOT grounds for a lock...

    I would love to see how that thread in any way violated the ToU. Mustang proposed an idea and Jedi literally locked it “because the question had been answered.” There was no question in the thread. Nothing was answered. There was a civil, polite discussion ongoing that was locked by a fairly irrelevant mod who felt threatened.
  5. They lack a thred jost bcoz ppl is proposin for new mods. Thats priposterus!
  6. Kotfe mod doesnt play by the rules bc hes scum
  7. Dave try to stripe me again but he fail
  8. Please note that remaking locked threads to continue the same discussion is not permitted. You are free to read all the comments already made in the previous threads, and to write in to support if you wish to contest the decision to lock (or any other action that occurred). /lock
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.