Dave (mod) Scamming + Abusive Silence

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Fiend-of-War, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Plot twist, op is clanles. Omg these is moch beter than a mexican novela.

  2. For you perhaps not being 100% fair would be more of how you feel as a mod.

    Thing is we agree to be fair and transparent actually. Our actions are logged. If anyone in kaw felt that a mod was abusing his/her powers then they can be reported. Devs will investigate. Thats how tge system works.

    Now I am unable to speak for anyone in kaw so I would never make assumptions of there charactor if someone is wrong then report it. It is a very easy process.
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  4. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    I agree with the first thing you said. Literally no one else would be silenced for accusing anyone else.
  5. Not going to really get involved here, as clearly no seal is going to be repaid and that guy, annoying as he was, already got silenced for trying to stand up for himself.

    I do think it is odd, however, that Dave is listed by PPP’s management as a scammer on their clan page if they don’t think he did anything wrong?
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    This lowkey does kinda look like a misunderstanding that’s been blown out of proportion, there’s not any solid evidence of a scam but at the same time I can understand a clan being upset with someone choosing to Seal on their time.
  7. In no way is it against ToU to call a player an in game scammer. For years people have called others ally scammers, then seal scammers and then charm scammers. Never has it been against ToU to accuse someone of being an in game scammer. scamming in game items is not against the ToU, therefore accusing someone of scamming within game is not against the ToU. Also to silence for it opens a scenario that makes moderating extremely hard. When can you silence for an accusation, how do we decide if it is an accusation or truth. Do we just silence everyone who says scammer? But doesn't that just make life easier for scammers because awareness about them isn't spread.

    This was some bad modding that shows little knowledge of how the ToU should be enforced but instead enforces it in whatever way benefits the mod.
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    OMG ME TOO :cry: :shake:
  9. Dave accepted charms from a buyer in an NK clan in exchange for dropping seals. He then blocked the player, and did not drop the seal as agreed to, all while continuing to xtal on the eb. Hours later, after countless PMs, he was kicked from the clan. At this point he claimed to some people that he had been "asleep", and to other people that he was "busy with the baby", all regardless of the fact that he had actively hit three different NK ebs in the time that he was refusing to drop the seal.

    He still refuses to drop the seal, return the charms, or explain silencing me.

    This gentleman suggested I traded charms for seals. No trade deal ever was made. It was actually complete false information. This person had nothing to do with what happened and no idea what the issue was.

    Like many in wc. Like I said before you are always welcome to send a ticket regarding a silence and report a mod.

    Why would any mod scam in kaw, that would be a discrase.
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    Why do mods even respond to these and partake in the drama xd.
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    Sign of guilt that’s why he silenced right away
  12. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Any non guilty player get accused for false accusation of scamming. Would just laugh at it and talked to the main accuser to clear him. I always have fun on this game. I see some enjoy scamming to get reaction from other players rage. I can understand them but I never see it as fun. We had long ago Felix-the-cat enjoy scamming on allies. He does not need the gold all he wanted was the reaction. One thing Felix I respect is he was owning it for laugh. He was pinned stripped many times but for him it was worth it. Who knows maybe Dave try this for fun but too stupid to play it right. I don’t see anything wrong about it. As long you own it and don’t use your voluntary duty to cover it up.
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    This is ridiculous.

    If you weren't guilty, ofc you'd try and respond and clear yourself.

    I'm more worried about someone who stays silent or demands a lawyer.

    Those people have some serious 'spaining to do.

    Musang, it's getting clearer that you want to tear someone down.

    edit:You want to side with op, get op to post a pic of the charm exchange.

    That alone will prove all of this is true.
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    I’m not siding on anyone. Just following logic and action. With my experienced of Dave I know he is reactive player. That’s very high chances this is true. Anyone accused me of anything I would ask for prove and get a good laugh with it since I know it’s not true 
  15. +1

    Also my only real issue with the situation ^

    Would be nice to get some actual proof from OP or the player in question of what actually happened, but even assuming that’s all a big misunderstanding, the silence is indeed a clear abuse of powers.
  16. @musang :lol: This is what we call biased

    @TUSC, I'm not on anyone's side here.


    But what you wrote about silencing someone... for potentially spreading false information and ACCUSATIONS is against tou.

    Even though I think it is censorship, it could be taken either way.

    A mod doing what is needed.


    A guilty person trying to cover up an incident.

    But until we get proof, it's nothing but accusation.
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    Kasama put your shoes on OP. Then think how do you feel if you accused drgn of scamming you. Instead of clearing himself of your accusation then silenced you right away. I think that’s bad reaction. You can expect this kind of reaction from Putin or Prince of Saudi Arabia because they believe they can do it. They have to do it. That’s just bad reaction for anyone to do. Anyone should relax a little and get yourself cleared and silenced after that the accusation proven was false. This way the process is the right move. Then we can laugh at OP being a jerk
  18. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Not everyone is you, Musang.

    Not everyone will laugh at getting called a scammer and then talk to op about it and act like his reputation publicly hasn't been tarnished.

    You, as a man of "logic" (your words) are not being very logical.

    Guilty until proven innocent then, musang.

    Sounds very dictator-like to me.

    Also if you put yourself in Dave's shoes. Which is what you asked of me with op.

    -Reputation publicly ruined after getting called scammer
    -Potential removal of mod if public outrage is enough
    -Everyone siding with op without sufficient evidence

    yeah nty
  19. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    All I can say is he is the only mod lately being called out. Drgn been a mod far longer than him. You never seen drgn mixed up of things like this. What we are questioning was his respond of quick silenced. Anyone not guilty wouldn’t react like him. That’s my point. Does not mean he have the authority to silenced anyone. He have to used it on the situation like that. Many in the game accusing each other of cheating but not a single player got silenced being a scammer. First time a moderator silenced someone of accusing another player of scamming. Just because he is a moderator he think he is above the rules. His respond will be if you don’t agree with his silenced send ticket. My opinion it’s a waste of time to send ticket because ATA will always side with moderator even if the silenced in gray area. They have to protect their moderator since they are just voluntary duty.
  20. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Musang tarnishin ur good reputation dave. R u jost gona take that? I wud habe unloded a copol bars on musang if i wore u bro.
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