Dave (mod) Scamming + Abusive Silence

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Fiend-of-War, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. Dave accepted charms from a buyer in an NK clan in exchange for dropping seals. He then blocked the player, and did not drop the seal as agreed to, all while continuing to xtal on the eb. Hours later, after countless PMs, he was kicked from the clan. At this point he claimed to some people that he had been "asleep", and to other people that he was "busy with the baby", all regardless of the fact that he had actively hit three different NK ebs in the time that he was refusing to drop the seal.

    He still refuses to drop the seal, return the charms, or explain silencing me. I was not the seal dropper, merely a concerned onlooker. Thoughts?



  2. Wow..... :eek:

    This man needs 2 not be mod. Greenies are supposed 2 be looked 2 for guidance and suppoort, not scamms
  3. Dave has been in ppp for a while now trying to take care of the issue. like you said, you were an onlooker, not part of it, yet you slander dave for something you are not part of. And got silenced for breaking tou for spreading false info instead of keeping out of other ppls issues
  4. From my previous experiences, Dave is a very trustworthy guy. He has ALOT of things going on irl at this time, which is more important than tapping away at a game in all fairness.

    The screenshots don't really show any evidence that he's scammed anyone, nor that he took charms, nor anything that happened in "_puff puff pass_". If you're going around spreading fake information, they have full right to mute you, its been done with multiple people before. - And in all fairness, there's a thread somewhere, and probably multiple posts, that if you have an issue with a moderator, to submit a ticket and allow dev's to deal with the matter. (I've submitted tickets for other incidences, they're more than reasonable to deal with any matter). If there's still an issue, I'd recommend to do that.

    (This is just my input btw)

    EDIT: The matter is being dealt with by dave & the clan admins / owner(s).
  5. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Dave is in few issue already. Honest player wouldn’t be accused. Example I know I can annoy my enemies or those I don’t know. Not a single player accused me of scam or cheating except from my long time enemies.

    Honest players will not get accused by random players of scamming without no reason
  6. Mod are from CUBA get over it.
  7. I like dave, hes pretty stand up. Never really had any issues with him seemed straight forward. Might wanna let the actual concerned parties sort this out rather than make yourself look foolish.
  8. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Would tend to agree with those above. Seems like a big misunderstanding.

    I will say that it was handled EXTREMELY poorly with the silence instead of any explanation though. Bit of a bad look for sure.
  9. This thread will be removed soon, because ATA doesn't like complains against their mods.

    That said, the mod program has been a failure.
    You take players and elevate said players to govern the same player base, they develop a god complex.
    We've seen so many mods get demodded, Heck, remember the mod who ran a store to sell and buy accounts or programs? Or the same mod who silenced /targeted players who were their enemy in the OSW?

    The mod program was a failure, which is why ATA slowly phased it out on their newer games.

    Smash had hidden mods.

    Heckfire, ATA was clear from day 1 that there would be no mods.. And KoH has a way larger player base than KaW.
    ATA learned their lesson after the failure of the mod program on KaW and PiMD, there has been so many instances of mods abusing their powers on this game over the years.

    Which makes sense. You can't expect players to govern the game they play, ie govern the player base they are part of and be 100% fair.
  10. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    For Chinese from China easy to understand why Dave silenced the player right away. For us from western country. We believe on freedom of speech. What Dave did is an action of a guilty person. If Deve want to protect himself he can easily explain properly. He have enough speakers to explain over and over until kaw is closed. My opinion he is guilty for doing an action like communist China. Silenced anyone you don’t agree.
  11. Woow, this is interesting thread.

    I visited PPP sometime, not sure of time dropped two seals, then hit ebs. While in EB after pass expired I kept missing seal chance. So I had a few hours left on Xtal lock so I said I would return.

    I planned to return today but and was woken with abusive pms from someone claming to own this clan? I politely said I will return but show some respect. He unfollowed me blocked me.

    I got a pm from friends asking what happened. I Went to seal again by joining clan and guess what kicked before chance to seal. Yet again act of mindless people maybe tired?

    All these accusations for calling any player a cheater or a scammer directly is silencable.

    Please note Charms was never traided and no person has been scammed thats not in my nature and 100% not something I will ever do in kaw.

    Think of me what you wish cause thats your opinion but get the story straight.

    If you accuse anyone in kaw of scamming then you will be silenced as it states in tou. Direct public accusations have always been against tou its not new.
  12. Everyone's wrong here. There are two sides to everything and the first page and a half were just people writing someone off without hearing the other part.

    It's easy to throw around accusations but without evidence (the ss's were completely bs) all they show is you accusing someone and getting silenced)

    Unless you have proof of a trade going down, there isn't anything here to go on.

    It's just op's word and his lackeys.

  13. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Silencable because the accusation it toward youVery convenient isn’t it? Dave acting like Chinese official.
  14. Wait so Dave is from North Korea?
  15. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    Dave has explained himself (something he didn't have to do). Anyone who knows Dave knows he would not do what he is accused of doing. Leave it be and move on.

    Happy KAW'ing all (I guess) 
  16. That clan's owners / management doesn't recall of any trading done, nor a trade in exchange for a seal drop.. The original matter to the thread is abit :?: - If its legitimate or whatnot, the best option is to just raise a ticket and let the devs respond.

    +1 ^

    +1 ^
  17. Aaaah come on Dave. So they kik u out for no rison? Come on now
  18. Re: Dave (mod) Scamming Abusive Silence

    On the other han, dave is in ppp. Will he correct his “ mistake”? The nex chapter of Dave “no sealo” is comin. Estay tuned.

  19. Why so salty?
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