Damocles List Season 6

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  1. Season 6 LL Wars Damocles

    Damocles, also known as the Black Centurion, was a legendary and brave Roman centurion.

    According to legend, he was the revered leader of a vast Roman army. However, during a massive battle, his commanders turned and abandoned him. Standing alone and outnumbered by the hundreds, Damocles was easily slain with a spear through the heart.

    When he fell into the underworld, Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, was enraged at how the hero had been treated despite his bravery.

    She permitted him to come back to the Earth as a vengeful spirit - a ghostly, undead, black-armored centurion who would hunt down and kill each of the generals who had wronged him.

    Many Roman commanders carry a dagger with the image of Damocles on the scabbard, which serves as a reminder to always look after their men, or they would risk the Black Centurion returning from the dead to avenge their selfish mistakes

    And so, now comes season 6 of the Low Lands wars, and once again, our armies are plagued by soldiers who betray our war roster's trust. Inactive soldiers in a war is considered by most a severe betrayal. we've all heard the stories
    "my phone died"
    "power went out"
    "i overslept"
    "couldnt log on"
    "my grandfather died"

    so now, let us make the Damocles List, Let no inactive in war leave unseen to wreck havok in another clan.
    if you find an inactive in war, post his name, war # , where and excuse.
    write on their walls, " You belong to Damocles now"

    PandaGeorge has yet to reply to many posts on if he will create the list or not so i will keep the list up to date.
  2. Damocles list Begins:
    1. greekgod- didn't hide allies and fell asleep! Always suck stove first on the list everyone sees your name!

    2. bladethorns- "Comcast was down in my area" claims he was active 50% of war. Sounds like a solid alaby if he could have made more than 5 mil all war

    3. kawDevil

  3. :lol:

    I thought was was a recruitment thread or a lore thread. Did not expect that it would be a farm list.
  4. Oh well, it's not like there isn't a thread for moles or inactives on the AT. :lol:
  5. No support you stole the idea. Already one in AT
  6. This one looks cooler and isnt as filthy.

    10/10 would BANG this thread.
  7. Damocles's List has been around for multiple seasons. The tradition of this thread is much older than that thread, and it's just much easier to see all of the names than the other thread.
  8. Can you just shut your hole?
    Hmm: Solution, Viva007, Antheia - Also a mole
  9. Mr_Brown - leak/inactive
  10. Greekgod not hidden allies and fell asleep
  11. Bladethorns - wifi not working mehhe