Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reward For KAW

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  1. Someone already mentioned something like this already.Thanks anyway. :)
  2. I already said,familiar things tend to happen but I have my unique picture to support.
  3. Tbh it's a great idea but devs will cast this idea aside because all they want is money. They could make this a so much better game but no. It a pity
  4. Like I mentioned,they can allow people to spend money for this if people wish to have more tries on more rewards.It can benefit both side as well.It's a win win situation.
  5. Good idea that won't ever happen[/pink]
  6. No support I have never supported these kind of things because I want to log on to play and not feel force to log on to get a prize

  7. I am requesting for it with the support for forum.
  8. Thanks.
  9. Support

    But our devs are more $$$ hungry
  10. Thanks,well...depends on how a person views.
    Cause I'm sure devs never take a knife or put a gun on your head and force you to spend money.
    This is still a F2P Game not a P2P Game.
    F2P is Free To Play & P2P is Pay To Play.
  11. This is a very good idea the devs should do this
  12. Well said tears, it isnt P2P, it is P2W. Pay to win, or you will net achieve anything these days. $$$$$$$.
  13. How about add an additional spin for x nobs so devs can make money.
  14. This was in the roadmap soo that should answer your question (they wont do it till like 10yrs later)
  15. Every Monday? Mondays tend to be horrible so this would help.
  16. I forgot to say support.
  17. Support! Also when more promos come out you can spin to win some stuff for the promos like now its psion