Daily speaker idea

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  1. I'm confused
  2. :lol:
    Yeah I getcha, so people can't just get their 5 year old alts that they haven't used for ages and abuse em.
  3. But I love my 5 year old alt I never use :cry:
  4. You look like an alt -insert moonface here-
  5. Most people in clans don't post ads. Its normally 1-5 people who will actually use speakers to run clan ads.

    Clan of 100 = 500 daily speakers

    Thats a lot of ads and chatting. I'd suggest encouraging those who don't push ads to help out, instead of having a handful of people burning all their speakers during one EB
  6. I very much so agree with this proposal, I'll happily forward the suggestion to support!

    Speakers are an integral part of the game. By all means, the cap should be raised! Other ATA games like meego, we have unlimited speakers for world chat.

    Sure, there would be more activity in world chat, but the current rules and policies would still apply. Clan ad spam, no more than 2 similar posts within 5min by a player etc.
  7. Well derrr 
  8. No support, maybe if we lower it to 4 years gets te current amount everyone currently does and work off their for the other years, too many ads already in WC.
  9. Support, because Support. I have 2 years in the game, nearly 3, so ofc I do want these kinds of benefits.
  10. :p

    Yeah Walrus, I see your point, but also more speakers could encourage more chatting rather than just ads, I don't chat as much at the moment because i have to save for ads lol. If I knew I had more I could comfortably do both.
  11. It'd be nice if my PC alt got free speakers.
  12. Definitely support this, how else am I supposed to call airyanna a noob in WC whenever they speak?
  13. Id like it if you left forums forever
  14. You think I actively take away from the quality of forums?
  15. :lol: And have no-one to post GIFs every 5 secs? Nah I don't think so
  16. Meanie
  17. I totally agree and have put my 2 years in. Not saying I'm a vet but considering my time put in and the fact that i do spend on my accts it would be nice to see the cap raised as well as the daily regen. FULL SUPPORT.
  18. Also Support this idea...now i know that pc offers benefits mobile doesn't but its vice versa mobile has benefits that pc doesn't. This is another whole thread and i sure as hell aren't the one to do it but NEEDS to be jumped on ASAP Pls consider giving pc accts the same daily regen and cap hopefully along with Alpha/Delta's new cap limit and regen limit idea. FULL SUPPORT.