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  1. This idea was thought of by Alpha and he asked me to make this thread for him. :)

    The idea

    We were talking in CC complaining how 5 speakers a day is too little for us as if we send ads out to help our clan grow, we can't then make conversation with others on the measly 5 per day that we get. From this discussion, Alpha says out of the blue with a stroke of genius that we should get consecutively more speakers for the amount of time we have played.

    This would solve the problem of having too few speakers especially for us oldies and as well as this, it would not readily give people the ability to spam WC as they would have to wait a year or more to recieve more speakers.

    How it would work

    Depending on your loyalty achievement, you get a differing amount of speakers per day, of course this can be subject to variation but this is the number Alpha thought up:

    1 year achievement - 5 speakers per day
    2 year achievement - 10 speakers per day
    3 year achievement - 13 speakers per day
    4 year achievement - 15 speakers per day
    5 year achievement - 17 speakers per day
    6 year achievement - 20 speakers per day

    Some of you might see this as an excessive amount which is totally understandable and so the numbers could be lowered, however some of you may also think this would be acceptable as 5 speakers really isn't adequate. This would also encourage more active world chat and there shouldn't be a spam problem as the mods should be ready to deal with it.

    Thanks for reading, all feedback is welcome. :p

    Thread by Delta :cool:
    Idea by Alpha :roll:
  2. Unbiased support ;)
  3. I like it how it is
  4. I think it should be based on activity, not account age.
  5. Fair enough.

    Would be nice but there is no real way to effectively measure activity, people have very different playing styles.
  6. I'm really a nobody with few reasons to talk in wc. With that said, it's a good idea to deal with privilege vs spamming imo.
    I know ppl CAN spend nobs to get speakers, but I don't know anyone that has. Seems like they buy other packs and speakers are just thrown in. Doesn't seem like it matters as far as that goes. I'm actually curios in that tho, if they get bought more then I know, then by all means correct me.
  7. Nice delete :lol: hakkor or whatever your name is.
  8. Like it, but a cap at 40.

  9. Support only because it's delta..
  10. Small consideration of the 25 limit if you don't buy any :p
  12. I don't like it as well as you clan should have more than 5 speakers its 5 per person or account on a divice.
  13. ..

  17. Its bad enough wc is on for war.
    Get wc turned off on idevice for War 1st.
  18. Fair point, this may be me being extremely ignorant but don't most people war on PC due to it being easier to use?
  19. I wouldn't support this. There's a reason the devs made it 5 a day for everyone except mods.

  20. You're new here... Time served should come with more benefits.. Delta is on to something here and that deserves a