Daily limit change

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  1. Daily limits should allow one over amount purchase per day. To allow one massive purchase either have the amount purchased be distributed daily at the daily max or prevent purchase again until the amount of days have passed to bring the user below the daily limit again.


    Buying mithril has a limit of 36 per day; but it will not allow you to purchase anything above 36 mithril each day.

    To keep daily maximum in play, a player could buy 100 mithril before a 3 day war, and that mithril will be given to them, 36 the first day then 36 the second day and then final day 28.

    That would make up for the daily limit of 36 per day and enforce it but still allow players to not have to worry that they need to risk some gold in order to by mithril.

    EDIT: I did not realize i didnt add an example for the other side

    Example 2:

    When buying inferno the daily limit is 30 per day.

    By allowing players to buy the maximum they can afford they would then be able to do alot of enchanting (as long as they have enough aqua to compensate).

    This comes with a use limiter still, for instance if the payer buys 500 inferno they would not be able to buy more for 16 days with when they are able to they could only buy 10 unless they would want to wait for day(s) again.
  2. No. That’s just banking with benefits.
  3. Absolutely no relevance to this post..simple solution war if you want mith!!
  4. Idea.... Keep EB xtl limit, get rid of daily limit! Having a daily limit in kaw now is obsolete and keeps ppl from playing as many EB's that they want. Also EB's move so fast now the 24 hour limit needs to be removed.
  5. if you buy mith ur a bum
  6. Just remove the limit, mithral isnt cheap, if someone wants to waste all their gold on it let them
  7. If you want mith just war
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  9. +1
  10. Buy all mith 2020
  11. Example 1 invalid
    Can purchase any amount of mith. Bought 1 to go from 645 to 646 to verify before posting
  12. try to by 40 mith at one time, that is what example one is about
  13. Mithril price is based on build size, if you can buy a lot before an upgrade, or a series of upgrade, it will be abusing the pricing.