dafties and resilience recruitment

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  1. ?Resilience ? r looking for all EB fairies , hoppers , runners and moles to join us on our quest to pound the EBs while we war with Apoco.

    Zombie_Trooper has now been promoted to head of the princesses and Dafties so please wall him for further details.

    Remember there's nothing wrong with wanting to be an EB fairy ask Zombie he will give u special education on how to pound that button and grow 
  2. Dats Hawt.
  3. So butthurt
  5. I want to join I am highly experienced in the art of role play please accept me
  6. Best trashtalking ever.
  7. If anyone is looking for good eb clans, contact kotfe ️. Their member answer says their eb trains are the best!
  8. This thread is funny it reminds me of the troll thread that was done for Fury recruitment at the beginning of the osw.
  9. Please detail your experience in Unicorn-play (especially pink unicorns), furriness-play, and all other cutsie, stuffed animal play.
  10.  Anyone looking for OSW "role play" just PM a apoc member it's all they good for  Redhotvixen leader of EB fairies 
  11. ya__godofanarchy__fi the dtw king :lol: tell cool i said i live off inc
  12. Maybe i should join them i need to learn to make people butthurt like the op
  13. Lol rob boy we all know how mom pop and the rest of apoc play the game
  14. I smell Butthurt how many clans did Yall use to Have? hiw many do yall have now ?
  15. lol you're cool