#Cyn4Mod lolz

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  1. New thread cyn for dev?
  2. What if I was a dev in hiding. Running social experiments

    *WTF Keanu meme*
  3. I read this for a second time and it made me laugh again. #Cyn4Mod
  4. He would make a cynfully good mod. I'm being cyncere about it ...
  5. Your name is similar to ISIS

  6. Why do noobs always bring that up... well its not "isis", get over it.

    If you really want your pickle tickled... look up the clan "Lsis", your welcome.

    Btw, support!
  7. ISS was terrorizing KaW before the USA and Israel created ISIS.

  8. Op uses the word terrorize loosely
  9. Media uses the word terrorize too strongly
  10. Support.
    And #CynForMod
  11. Need updated answers for the new questions, who else will give me a cheatsheet?? lol
  12. Mod for __QueenPretty__BlueEyes__ they would make a great mod.
  13. Lol fareplay that tickled me 👌
  14. No
  15. I don't see why not?
  16. Are you trying to get me upset its not working 😁😁😁😁😁