Cycle of Flame returns for Independence Day Weekend!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Everyone calls ATA greedy but if they were they would have ZTA running fulltime. Pretty sure everywhere is having promotions and sales since yesterday.

  2. Oh man... You'll love it
  3. An eb clearly. I'm guessing it's like HTE but for a different eb?
  4. I would like to add blah, bleh and bleahh to your statement. Btw,s6 sucks.

  6. How dare you talk to vents like that. She is a very nice lady. She could rekt u if she wanted to but she doesn't, so leave her alone :)
  7. Please make another 2 rings (one all attack, one all spy) ... Majority of kaw has 600 excess ash
  8. majority of lb*
  9. Wonder if devs will make xtals unlimited for the last 24 hours of the event
  10. Just make it a permanent EB... Ffs
  11. Wonder if they will ever do this...I highly doubt it.
  12. Like the Zta idea but why dont change something.. i used like 30 nobs opening the agony thingy and no luck have 400 ashes for what.. display? plz can u guys do something
  13. I got the ring after like 5 altar opens. It looks painfully **** tbh, I'm not sure what the end stats are but it can't be worth the hundreds of billions worth of inferno.
  14. And shouldn't this have left the game by now?
  15. Yooooo lets make it permanent! Please. :)
  16. 12.5ml for all 4 stats
  17. The level 10 ring has 10m of each stat and that costs like 3000 ash in total...
  18. It's actually 12.5m on each stat. I have it equipped atm if you want confirmation :)