Cycle of Flame returns for Independence Day Weekend!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Zelgarad The Accursed - Cycle of Flame returns until 12PM PDT on Tuesday, July 5th.
  2. Ata says they want to increase clan loyalty during s6

    Release ZTA.

  4. This. :lol:
  5. Where is my unlimited Xtals fam ?
  6. We can't leave clans to train if we win wars.... cause then we lose spell... please change this just for the weekend... ?
  7. Can we get like 3 circles for free? Lol
  8. Did the changes in event drops cause to many average spenders to stop spending?
  9. So bring back another $ eb but will not release the 2nd Sveruganti EB,EPIC FAIL.
  10. So sick of this, why during a event??? Always something to make things more difficult!
  12. Finally, something worthwhile. Hell yeah!
  13. It's all about the $$ so many bad decisions,S6 going down the drain,the revenue isn't coming in.Only one place to blame for this.
  14. interesting
  15. For a game that is successful because of the friendships within the game - you're splitting everyone up and putting significant strain on what are normally very active clans - It's not healthy.
  16. wheres my piece damnit