Custom System Wars

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  1. I agree with this :D these bring the fun of EE to the people too afraid to do it :D support
  2. Support and just a side note to some comments I saw... Osw is so lame and just a pointless waste of time, not gonna waste half my day tracking some dbags tz and keeping him in pin, no point except to compare virtual d sizes and settle petty kaw arguments, that's just my own opinion on the matter tho
  3. Keep it alive and show some more love!
  4. So customs wars, like in video games where you can customize all these variables?

    Haven't seen it too much in mmorpg's.

    Sounds cool, support!
  5. No, customs war, as in a war against the U.S. Customs about the products you can and cannot bring.
  6. Bump for Killzone to add to his thread. I think this deserves more attention.
  7. I see everyone is interested in more and more ideas, especially involving system wars. I figured I would necrobump this thread for all those who haven’t had a chance to see :)
  8. I beat your mom in Indi war daily