Current Summer War Conundrum

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  1. Dear devs, if you haven't already noticed the world chat riot please take a look. I would seriously suggest that a revision of wars should take place as the current situation lowers the quality of the game as well as creates a toxic environment. I hope this is taken under consideration, as all players want to do as well as possible which does result in these problems occurring. I think you will find that most of the community on the forums is under the same impression. Thank you in advance for any actions taken to improve the quality of the game and experience for all us KaWers!

    Many thanks!
  2. In before ‘We’re looking into it, thanks for your patience.’
  3. Full rewards to all participants
  4. I think greit's great, we finally have an active WC.

    Go Smokey!
  5. By the time they get it right it'll be too late and I'm not staying up for it.
  6. We have lives outside if they game the devs had weeks to plan this out and a whole day to deal with match ups
  7. Remove kaos put it back to how it was kaos caused this whole war system to break
  8. Rip to the people that will get their times affected by this war reschedule how bout you guys cancel summer tournament and start over when you fix your stuff:

    1. Horrible clan balancing
    2. Several people leaving clans and no repercussion on them
    3. 2v2 wars
    4. Reschedule / People not being able to war Monday
    5. People leaving being reinstating on their clan cus apparently it was mistake but you don’t know if it was.

    I can keep going.... this tournament was clearly a mess
  9. Look on the bright side.

    Devs fixed WC. Got tons of DIFFERENT people talking there again.
  10. THIS!!!

    People put aside time for this event, devs had ages to plan and still this became a absolute disaster, probably the worst I have seen in all the years I have been doing ee...
  11. Exactly
  12. Boycott spending on KaW. That might get their attention.
  13. I would also like to add that there should be an official statement on the proceeding from a moderator or ATA on the situation at hand.
  14. Oh wow... you’re the first person that thinks about that, you deserve a Nobel. Yeah let’s organize all the player base to not spend.......
  15. How this always happens.

    5 players actually boycott, the rest see it as an opportune time to go for event LB.

  16. What really is incredible that not a single feedback by ata was sent yet.

    I mean 300 players sitting in their clans, wasting their spare time for that game and the devs messing it up really badly without giving any excuse/feedback/explanation for what is going on?

    Most people simply would get fired instantly for a behavior like that.
  17. My sick little son Billy was really looking forward to this war. He was laying in the hospital bed, staring at his phone all day, waiting. When news came that the devs wouldn't/couldn't make the war work, he looked at me through tear filled eyes and asked me, "Papa? Why won't I get to war one last time?" It was an emotional moment as I kissed his forehead and told him, "Because the Devs hate you,Jason." The he cried out, "My name's Billy!" as his phone dropped to the floor and the screen shattered on the KaW login page. R.I.P. Timmy.