current state of EE

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Atropos, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Let start saying I've gone from KAW for about 2 years and havent warred for at least 3 but recently started warring again For one I can see why so few war anymore Most wars ends with about three accounts yelling and complaining in cc Calling people names blaming everyone Sone of these accounts dont actually even understand basic KAW mechanics its just sad to see and turns so many people off If anyone remembers me I am for everyone warring and helping builds instead yelling cursing etc Sorry just had to post
  3. Of course i wont forget atropos,he is pioneer in war :)
  4. Events have destroyed wars bud everyone chases actions no team efforts to win until this is fixed wars will never get better but there’s no income for devs on wars so o do not see a fix we all been complaining for years
  5. Petition to restore at least 1 or 2 war slots to clan wars. Or just like bring back the rancor system, some of my favorite times in EE were during that era of clan wars
  6. Devs don’t care for wars because they don’t get more $$ from them. But yes EE is all Alts and action hunters. The amount of time spent warring with Alts for 3-4 seals is mind blowing. Also why all RED updates I miss the flow of green in cc when in control. Also please bring back access to CA and ability to silence!
  7. Advantage and classic war types in KA would be good to mix up the stats a bit.
    And yeah bring back green in CC
  8. Atro you were the man back when EE was fun. One of the best WC's this game has ever had. It's good to see you again even though it's in regard to the sad state of what EE has become. So many have left kaw in the past few years, myself included. Sadly there is no hope for any positive change due to constant money grabbing by ATA. Let me know what other games you been playing buddy. I would gladly team up with you again in any war game.

  9. I used to love warring after clan wars went I just let my ee5 run out , the new war system sucks I always seem to be on Ajax team he sucks big time and gets akod all the time and blames everybody but himself for the loss , get rid of him from ee and it will be the start of better things for warring as a whole :)