currency reform in kaw

Discussion in 'Activities' started by TuRock, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Kaw is growing n after abyss immense. I think its time for currency reform to kill 6 decimal places. I know kindomms have a price but this is a game not real life. I think most of kawers dont interest payment/amonts under 1 mio gold. Most paments/amonts are bil or tril.
  2. Yeah ok......"Turock"
  3. I dont think moose made a thread about this or anything like that.
  4. That's not how you propose a reform.
  5. No. You need to get on one knee to propose.
  6. I don't have knees, how do I propose?
  7. Poke them with your tusk until they give up. Works in real life.