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  1. Why are we buying Silver and Bronze bars for Gold? Uhm? Doesn't technically make sense.
  2. U can buy them if u need to store some gold for a price or they can be used as a reward for players :D
  3. dude u buy a bar of it, a BAR, a MASSIVE BAR.
  4. The plot demands it!
  5. Um. Are you new here? Or just an idiot?
  6. +
  7. He means
    Gold is more expensive then both silver and bronze.
    Op, answer is: 5 Pounds of Silver, is worth more than 1 Ounce of gold.
  8. No, lmfao.
  9. Did somebody come up with an idea involving goooooooooold?

  10. why are we buying virtual, in game items with real money? doesn't really make sense