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  1. I'm a 6ft blonde driving along in my nice bright red shiny sports car. The sun is out & it's a little hot so I push the button & the roof of my car goes down. I'll admit I can be a little dippy at times & I've forgotten about the £1 million in £100 notes that is lying in the open bag on the back seat of my car. As I drive past you see my number plate (sillyga1). Just at that moment nature decides to play a prank on me & a big gust of wind sweeps the money out of the bag into the air & as I disappear into the distance it falls around you like confetti. What would you do?
  2. I would collect it all up and let the police know about the 800,000 I found. Silly old me didn't catch the number plate either so I guess the driver can't tell them about the money
  3. Honestly I would like to say I would have integrity, but we all know that there would be no benefit to you if you turned in all that money. The person most likely would say thank you, leave and never see you again. Meanwhile you have the opportunity to permanently change your life. Someone who drives around with 1mil cash doesnt need that money as much as others do. Taking a little bit off the top wont do much harm
  4. I'd place it all on red and call it a day.
  6. Buy Ata.
    Give myself infinite Seals and Xtals.
    Troll the mods with various alts.
  7. Haha while it was a joke answer I'd like to think I'd have the integrity to do right. I guess it would depend how desperate I was at the time.