Curious about Rancor Levels achieved

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AppLeGirL, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. There are plenty of rant threads about no matches, so I'll just say "ditto" right off the bat. This won't be a rant thread.

    As I sit in Zodiac (ZAFT for short) with my GH, doing about the 15 th TVP of the season, we started talking about rancor levels. They are shockingly low for most people there.

    I'm just curious what rancor levels the rest of Season 3 EE warriors have achieved already. It's been such a tough season to get a match, i am guessing they will be very low.

    I've been holding steady at Level 4 for about three weeks now. 50 is a pipe dream.
  2. ive seen, a 30 b4
    several in 20s
  3. I know at least one with fifty (dead pool). I've warred at least 30 wars this season and still have horrid rancor... So many no matches
  4. I was at 21 a bunch of nm
    And bad matches I'm back to 6 lol
  5. @Minas- are you warring with LB on your roster at all? Looking for trends, not making a judgement btw.
  6. I was up to 9. Bunch of losses ( a few if them just horrible matches ) and im down to 1. Sucks pretty bad.
  7. It's a sad day when I'd rather war and lose than sit through another TVP.
  8. I'm at 6, our WC is at 44 I believe.
  9. Good peeps at MM except that Ang! (J/K Ang )
  10. 14 and I've had like 19 no match I believe
  11. I've managed 12 rancor in 6 wars and zero no matches so far @ Zodiac
  12. 6 rancor and I've been warring every war I can, about 5-6 a week.
  13. I am only lvl 6, I have had about 7 no matches though I have had only 3 nm at MM so I should be more than grateful
  14. Ooh_Rah has lv46