Crux Crusades: In Cold Blood

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Have to say this is the best contest yet!
  2. I still haven't received a notification about round 2
  3. Question: I have multiple golden and regular crates. Win I buy a key to open them, do the golden crates take the first priority, or is it random?
  4. Golden crates take priority
  5. Gold before regular
  6. No one has. Im sure the devs are working on it as we speak
  7. You could get 4. Sell a HF build. Use 50bil and use all 4. That way they do SOMETHING.

    You make some type of profit
  8. You can open multiple using 10nobs a pop.

    Its a money maker so they probably will keep it as is
  9. I've been on the winning side why am I not getting anything??
  10. Devs are a bit slow as it was the weekend. They should be bustling about soon.
  11. Rewards just dropped for me 
  12. Rewards should be arriving now :)
  13. Still awaiting regular Crux Crate reward for being on winning team during round one!
  14. Devs are Big fail again  I have not received my regular crux for being on winning side for first round. Devs just know who to get more money out of our pockets but don't know how to deliver. You guys are ............
  15. Who are the leading players so far?
  16. Umm will there be a token lb?
  17. No reward crate for losing side with 50 tokens yet either.. But it wont matter as i already have more crates than keys can open
  18. Truth
  19. Are you going to post a lb?
  20. Still have not gotten a crate for being on losing side with 50 tokens