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  1. Stress is a "reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it's an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the “fight-or-flight” response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body." The stimulus can be real or even imaginary. We experience stress all the time, every day for a lot of us. Some of this stress is good, it makes us ready for emergencies. For a short moment, it is helpful as it builds on our ability to control the reaction. However, if it is not kept in check, it can be very damaging. Stress alone can cause chest pain, high cholesterol, cardiac problems, depression, hair loss and so many other problems. The factors are limitless, and the coping mechanisms vary. Some are great, but some can be harmful and dangerous.

    The best cure for stress is laughter, as laughing "lowers levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine, which are stress-aggravating hormones; and it releases feel-good hormones, such as, dopamine." Chewing gum also helps, as well as dark chocolate. Stress balls hit certain pressure points in your hand that help alleviate stress. Obviously, these do not always work. Each person is different and what works for one will not work for everyone else.

    I am writing this thread to help bring awareness to other coping methods. I recently learned of a "crisis hotline". If you're stressed out because of finals, financials, holidays, or any moment of "crisis" or stress, talking to someone may help. Texting "start" to 741-741 will connect you to the hotline, and to someone who is trained to help deal with stress. After each session, the counselor writes up a short summary of the conversation, for counselors to use as background information next time you text in. You can also choose to delete the entire conversation transcripts (which are not shared with other counselors). *This would not delete the summary, just transcripts*. You may end the conversation at any time by saying "stop".

    I have spoken to them seeking information for this thread, and they were more than happy to help me. I asked them about their crisis counselors, ie their training, backgrounds, and how they are chosen. I spoke to Isabel who gave me helpful information, and various links. All counselors have to go through the application process and are selected for hire, and then undergo a series of training. For more information, you can visit

    There is an optional survey at the end of the session, which does not go on record. You answer basic questions about how you feel post-texting, and how helpful your counselor was to you. You can even choose to leave your counselor a short note at the end of your survey, such as praising them for their compassion and help, or telling them how they can adjust to help more people in the future.

    In a world so ridden of stress and worry, self doubt and judgement, I found it so inspiring to find out about this texting hotline, and I hope you find it useful as well.

    Now I encourage you all to post stories in the replies, as well as personal coping methods and even ask for help if you need it. Please keep the conversation safe and kind, you never know what is happening on the other side of our screens.
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  2. Cool....some will say this isnt needed here but they wrong. Its needed everywhere so good on ya for posting this. Love ya LD ;)
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  3. Great info, all around good read.

    My stress relief: intense exercise and isolation/meditation.
  4. In the UK we have a similar service called Sane Line. It's open from 6am to 11pm and can be called on

    0845 767 8000

    For anyone who needs help with their current state of mental well-being. Sometimes just to talk can be a tremendous help.
  5. ^ Can you text 741741 and see if this is available in the U.K.? I think calling is great, and would be more beneficial, but that texting is especially good for those with anxiety or that are stressed in class or in public.
  6. This is a great thread with a good topic..

    It is very important to have a good mental health and accessing resources to help is a good thing to have/do.

    It really doesn't matter who/what you are or your circumstances.. these resources are there to help any of us cope and overcome the stressful scenarios..

  7. Respect for the thread. ... isis_lines

    The above link has a ( as far as I am aware ) current list of helplines and websites by nation.

    If you need help.
    Please seek it out.
    As hard as life may be, it' is always worth living.
    Even if you don't realise that right now.
  8. Excellent thread Deni. Much respect & support.

    Coping methods used: Breathing exercises, confiding & sharing with family & friends, meditation
  9. I don't see holding it all in as one of the coping methods. That's what I do.
  10. Because it's not a great coping method. It prevents personal growth. It's easier to deal with socially, but it doesn't help you much
  11. I 100% support and appreciate this thread. If it helps even one person then it has done its job.
  12. I have a weird coping method I think. I've ok stressed out about anything, I have several series of shows that I will watch, and will invest so much into these shows, that I forget (temporarily) about any issues going on in my life. Distractions 
  13. #truth

    if it works, and helps you, then do it.

    i use kaw to cope :p
  14. Just a small bump as we head into the new year.

    Not so fun fact: More suicides happen in January than any other individual month.

    If you are, or if you suspect someone of, thinking about suicide, please get help. Talk to a trusted friend, or call a hotline. Even texting the crisis hotline that is provided in the OP could be such a relief, and they can help you get help.
  15. Crippling social anxiety sucks ass :/
  16. Another not so fun fact: Depression is more common than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined, and nearly 400,000 people attempt suicide in the U.S. every year. That's about 1,095 a DAY. In JUST the United States.
  17. Rebumping as we are quickly sliding back into January, as well as the most stressful holiday of the year.
  18. Thank you
  19. I also 100% support this post. Great awareness topic.

    Thanks for reopening it. But usually bumps are not supposed to happen.