Crisco vs Mark's milkshake

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  1. Crisco vs Mark's milkshake

    I am doing a research on what is more appropiate: Crisco or Mark's milkshake. Please post ur opinion and reasons :)

    Oh and

  2. Poor Cas.

    Honestly I like Chick-fil-A's milkshakes.
  3. Great thread. In the run for one of my "of the Week" threads
  4. What is Mark's milkshake?
  5. Mm not familiar with it but I use to watch Supernatural
  6. People find this amusing?

  7. As long as it's not a $5 milkshake
  8. Here is 2 lil riddles to clarify my thread a bit. 1).If in a chick a milkshake is boobies, then what kind of milkshake a dude has? 2). What is white and ummm... creamy in a dude?
    No need to post answers :)
  9. I think Mark's milkshake comes free with the app. Literally.
  10. Ahhh..

    now I feel like Woody Harrelson in Kingpin when they told him "We don't have a cow, we have a bull"
  11. i have an email confirmation from Marcelline from support. There is nothing wrong with Mark's milkshake. Crisco on the other hand is real bad :-?