Crimson Banner!

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  1. We are the Blood Legion!

    We are the Crimson Flag flying,

    Brick building,

    Shot firing,

    baddest mugs on this side of the coffee table!

    Sieging those towers like an AshesOfEden post, now my friends, “Don’t get Distracted.”

    Where building the walls, brick by brick, like the wall of China, so high even Trump is impressed.

    But if you don’t believe be just stand there and watch, as our enemies sit there in cry because rest Azure, we’re are about to remove the Emeralds out of your eye!

    So by the end of the day, Bloody and battered, we will come out victorious!

  2. We cannot be Beaten.....Emerald Green Baby
  3. Green Bay can’t handle Red!

  4. :(
  5.  this
  6. No support
  7. This sucks. Can’t even complete legends.
  8. At least ashes would have coo pics lol and imo could've had the walls of Jericho