Crestplate - Transmute, Exchange, Trade

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by MajorChaos187, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Recommend that Devs add features which
    1. Allow us to transmute crestplates which we can display with other transmuted items. Example: lowland are useless to me so put on display.
    2. Allow us to exchange crestplates in our inventory for different type of crestplates for other lands. Example: exchange 10K lowland plates for 1K deepmine plates. Ratios are obviously spread accordingly but you can make exchanges up/down within your own on hand inventory.
    3. Allow us to trade crestplates based upon the same ratio above, but with other players. Example: trade 100K of my lowland to a player for 1K deepmine. Then, plates can be used for land upgrades.

    Looking for feedback to support devs to add these features and ways to make this idea even better! Ready, set, GO!
  2. I like the first and second bits but not the third. People will just abuse it.
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  3. I’ve been asking for this for months. Nothing from the devs yet.
  4. Yeah trading plates isn't a good idea, it would mean people can just send plates to an alt and have it grow to high stats even faster then an account can grow already. I like the rest though!
  5. Agree with sam. When i returned to the game i failed to notice the exchange rate the first few times of getting plates and ended up with 4000 too many of one of them
  6. Would love the 2nd option. Trade crests for other crests with the Oracle... Or better, sell Crests for traders tokens. That way if you are build complete you can use it towards something else.