Crest plate conversion

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  1. I, like I’m sure thousands of us are, am sitting on thousands of redundant crest plates for lands that I have completed long ago.

    I’ve been advised to post on forums to see if I can gain support or feedback on converting the crest plates that aren’t required to plates that we do require.

    For example convert 10 osmon crests into 1 deepmine. (I’ll let number crunchers decide what the appropriate conversion rate should be, tho I expect it’ll will have to consider cost of buildings, amount of drops and so on)

    Hopefully this can gain some momentum so the 10’s of thousands of unused plates can be worth something.

    Try to keep comments appropriate. Anything inappropriate pm and we can discuss there 
  2. You can always destroy and rebuild over and over to get gold. That’s what I would do
  3. Perhaps they could be sold for traders tokens? again not sure of conversion rate but would tap into the market currently available to purchase crest plates.
  4. I’ve always just torn down and rebuilt for the gold
  5. I've been meaning to make a thread about this. Support.
  6. Selling them for traders tokens seems like a good idea.
  7. The only realistic way I see this happening is if the crests are traded at a rate FROM the lowest value upgrade of the crests you have, TO the highest value upgrade of the crests you want.

    Osman crests range in gold/upgrade value from 30b/crest (for a lv1 building) to 8.29b/crest (lv10 building).
    Abyss crests range in gold/upgrade value from 8b/crest to 1.8b/crest.

    Thus, to use abyss crests to get osman crests it SHOULD be 17 abyss to get 1 osman (30b/1.8b = 16.67, for sticklers). This assumes that the abyss crest is "worth" 1.8b, and an osman token is "worth" 30b when trading up (from abyss to osman).

    This assumes that trading crests for higher level ("more valuable") crests occurs in the minimally efficient way for the player. I can't see devs ever incentivizing trading in lower crests for higher level ones, hence this assumption.

    That gives the following conversions (all numbers have been rounded up; fatesands not included because devs have stated that those crests will only drop from ebs in the planned future):
    • 100,000 lowland crests --> 1 highland crest (I suspect this particular value would be adjusted--we'll really call it 8:1 for argument's sake)
    • 4 highland crests --> 1 hoarfrost crest
    • 16 hoarfrost crests --> 1 abyss crest
    • 17 abyss crests --> 1 osman crest
    • 73 osman crests --> 1 deepmine crest

    Or, to get one deepmine crest it would take any of the following:
    • 73 deepmine crests
    • 1206 abyss crests
    • 19300 hoarfrost crests
    • 77201 highland crests
    • 617611 lowland crests
    • or a partridge in a pear tree, I guess.

    But wait! What about using trader tokens to buy crests and then trading the cheap ones I bought for deepmine crests? Well, to get 1 deepmine crests via buying other crests, then trading them for dm ones (bear in mind that trader token packs actually come with 100 crests), it would take this many trader tokens for each land type:
    • 12 for deepmine (duh, 100 dm crests is 1200 trader tokens)
    • 145 for osman
    • 483 for abyss
    • 1931 for hf
    • 3860 for hl
    • 6176 for ll
    Multiply these all by 100 to get the number of trade tokens it would actually cost you :)

    So it'd still be better to just use trader tokens to buy dm crests, if my hypothetical "trade 73 osman crests for a dm crest" were true.

    So anyways that's my thoughts on the matter. I don't much see the point in converting crests since the differences in building prices change so dramatically from land to land. To keep crests balanced, the ratios frankly aren't worth implementing the ability to convert them IMO.