Creative Contest 7 (I think?) - Memes: PART 2

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  1. [title=gray+white]Memerino Cappuccino Pleaserino[/title]

    Part 2! Let's roll doods

    Make a KaW related meme for this competition! Again! You can create memes at

    The site is pretty easy to navigate, you guys got this. If you have any questions, wall/pm and I'll try and help you out where I can.

    All work must be original! Any plagiarized work will result in immediate and indefinite disqualification from this and all future creative competitions. This includes entries that were submitted from the previous contest, so submit new ones noobs.

    All work must be submitted within the deadline. Anything submitted past the deadline is ineligible.


    All work must be submitted by Friday, July 22nd at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time, or until there are ten entries.

    This deadline is subject to change based on the number of entries submitted by the deadline.


    All submissions may either be posted here on this thread, PM, or via email at Do not send your submissions anywhere else, or they will not be valid.

    Due to only being able to put 10 options on a poll, the contest will run until either the deadline or until there are 10 entries.


    From devs:

  2. Someone say memes? I'm pretty good with manipulating the forces of meme magics.

  3. Can't wait to see one!
  4. AshesOfEden
  5. How do you give us xtals?
  6. I forward the winners to the developers and they dish out the rewards
  7. Lol
  8. 2 years ago this thread would have been flooded with entries and posts.

    dying game is dying.
  10. Checkmate.
  11. That site doesn't have unpopular puffin memes :(
  12. one day left i think
  13. Word waster wins lol.