Creative Contest #7.5 - Memes Part 2.5 - Sorry!

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  1. Before getting into the thread, I want to apologize for kind of ditching the last one. I broke my phone and recently quit my job, so I've been unable to get it replaced. With my phone being my only truly convenient access to KaW, I've not played in quite a while. I'm going to redo this contest, as it's been way too long since the last one to count anything. BUT, feel free to post entries from the last contest. I have some free time now, and will continue to, so this contest will for sure carried out. Again, apologies for kind of disappearing after the last contest.

    [title=gray+white]Memerino Cappuccino Pleaserino[/title]

    Part 2.5! Let's roll doods

    Make a KaW related meme for this competition! Again! You can create memes at

    The site is pretty easy to navigate, you guys got this. If you have any questions, wall/pm and I'll try and help you out where I can.

    All work must be original! Any plagiarized work will result in immediate and indefinite disqualification from this and all future creative competitions. This includes entries that were submitted from the previous contest, so submit new ones noobs.

    All work must be submitted within the deadline. Anything submitted past the deadline is ineligible.


    All work must be submitted by Thursday, August 11th at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time, or until there are ten entries.

    This deadline is subject to change based on the number of entries submitted by the deadline.


    All submissions may either be posted here on this thread, PM, or via email at Do not send your submissions anywhere else, or they will not be valid.

    Due to only being able to put 10 options on a poll, the contest will run until either the deadline or until there are 10 entries.


    From devs:

  2. didn't i already win this?
  3. I miss my phoooooone ugh. Someone want to give em $200 to replace it? <3 thx
  4. (insert cheesy pickup line saying youre a winner in my eyes here) <3
  5. i don't understand why you just don't go by the original thread that still exists...but whatever.

  6. Hands down, we have winner.
    Round of appluase for kasama️ You have my vote :lol:
  7. Win
  8. Filthy_Maggot here from KNW! Sethosaurus_, are were correct in assuming that you broke your phone and lost your job because a meme was so ridiculously epic that the glass on your phone shattered and melted the face off of your boss?
  9. Are you cooked?
    Who even does this?
  10. Lol wordwaster was funny
  11. I didn't lose my job, I felt that my co-workers were unfit to handle my delicious memeness, so I quit. But the phone, you are correct.
  12. Meme is just 2 me's for thought
  13. [​IMG]

    Oh look a fan of spaceships ...looks like he/she (catfish) takes
    the short bus spaceship to school.

  14. Love iPhones :D I think I'm getting one soon, and some places called me back for job interviews :D

    One day left folks, get dem dank memes in hurr