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  1. idk if anyone ever done this so dont hate,appreciate!

    Build:get to 25 hl, hire allies with millions in stats and sell ALL building and build 1 stable and 1 guild, both level 1... Then farm everyone with ally stats but they cant hit back(I think)..

    Has anyone ever done this???
  2. Your an idiot, Just close your devise..
    Someone'd be dropping 1.5t in buildings.
  3. Yes, bash him for having an idea and asking a question!!
    What a moron he is!!
  4. Aha!

    Stupid bloody forum fail trolls
  5. It Won't work
  6. Did this work?
  7. He' barely has 1b invested in his build asking if someone would drop 3t.
  8. You're* @Krazy
  9. Not worth it lmao
  10. That must be painful!

  11. I"m soryr I ddtn konw tish wax a egnlsih eaxm adn nto a wra gmae.
  12. That made no sense...

  13. Ok then, you just have fun with that.

  14. Except you can only farm those in your stat range, which would be small! And I see no need or sport in farming newbs all day. Would hurt the game as a whole.
  15. Isn't it impossibly to put T1/2 in the HL?
  16. Are there NO KaW veterans left?!?!?!?

    YES this has been done before fluffles, it's not a bad idea and its a legend if anything.

    Back when KaW was new, one legendary KaW veteran abused this trick and got away with it, he's famous even to noobs today, think any of you other idiots can guess his name???

    Problem is this abused trick was fixed with an update so you can only attack within your stat range, therefore making the trick undoable.

    Long story short, don't feel bad Fluffles, you just had a legendary idea. Literally~
  17. It he only I'd it on the lowland since highlands didn't exist back then~

    Forgot to mention that~