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  1. I've had this new iPhone 6 for about a month now, it sucks terribly. My old phone was a galaxy s4 but it's a work phone and my work wanted everyone to have iPhones.

    You can't talk on the phone and do apps, email or Internet. There is no back button or close all for open apps. I can't do any torrents.

    Kaw is way slower on this phone. Ebs don't update as fast, neither does news feed. No search button. It feels like I'm playing a regressed version of this game.

    Maybe it's just me and all you iPhone users can set me straight. Maybe iPhone does just suck as bad as I think.
  2. You can call and use apps (need headphones or enable speaker phone, then press the home button).

    You can jailbreak your iPhone.

    It's just as good as android, with a much snazzier and simpler gui
  3. It hasn't worked with Bluetooth. Haven't tried headphones
  4. If you jailbreak which takes 2 seconds you can download an app called killall which lets you double click the home button and swipe down and it closes everything at the same time. You can use apps and call i do it all the time. My gf has the s4 i have an iphone 6 they both work the same with a slightly different layout and a different operating system and for the torrenting you can do that with a jailbreak and also for kaw being slower there is a jailbreak app called noslowanimations everything is snappy and quick now. Lots of good stuff with it
  5. Iphone doesn't need a "back button" as its either in app or a flat exit as far as search name it's just under battle list as far as business wanting ppl to have iphone over android I'm not shocked as androids more commonly get malware (due to moron users normally)
  6. Also can talk on phone with app mid call just hit home button phone call will keep going as u move on To fully close out apps double tap home button and push up the apps.
  7. Most iPhone users don't know any better.

    The iPhone 6 has 1Gb ram, a sub standard 1.4Ghz Dual Core A8 processor and a 1800mah battery with a 8mp camera.

    Let's take a look at the One Plus Two that sells at 1/3rd of the price.
    One Plus Two : 4 GB LDDR4 Ram, Snapdragon 810 Octa Core, 13mp. Type C USB, OxygenOs 2.0, a 3300mah battery amongst other features.

    The S6,Moto X Pure, LG G4 and so many more 2015 Android flagships have way better specs with better functionality. Some really beautiful phones.

    Beats me why people still buy apple.
    Other than buying into snob value. :lol:

    Apple has managed to create a false allure of grandeur about their products and sell ancient hardware at exorbitant prices.
  8. Right, because specs = good phone.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually owned the OnePlus as I could see it's potential, but it worked as well as it costed. The specs and hardware were decent. People buy iPhones for their fluidity and consistency, which is difficult to get with windows or android.

    Android is for people who are flexible with using products outside the box.

    iPhone is for people who are simple, and want a phone that is familiar and easy to get used to.
  9. iPhones are amazing Ouse the iPhone 6 Plus and it's great jus gotta learn your phone
  10. @Nick if they really wanted simplicity why pay £500 and up? They could surely buy say a Nokia brick phone, reliable, simple and dirt cheap.
  11. I see a lot of people use this as a reason, Android is not at all complicated to use. It's not "out of the box", heck if anything, getting around a droid is easier.
    Like anything, with time you get accustomed to it.

    Fluidity and consistency? Lulwut.
    Apple is restricted in so many ways.
    Not sure what consistency you're talking about. :lol:

    In the end, there's really no solid area where apple can beat android.
    Anything apple has, Android does it better and ages before it. :lol:

    People buy a IPhone to say that they own one, the prestige that comes with it aka snob value. That's the only thing apple has it going for them.

    Sadly there's always sheeple looking to buy their products.
  12. That I completely agree with. But theres the truth behind that, as well.

    It's consistent for people as they know what to expect. Like I said earlier, ios is a platform that sheeps enjoy and are comfortable with.
  13. Loving my LG G4, lookin at the Nexus6p next
  14. I know you had to smuggle your phone corsair, but when you discovered the vibrate device caused intense pleasure you should of left it at that. Instead of testing the iPhone to its full capability deep within your bowels. Give it a wash a reboot and turn the God damn vibrate function off. Think you will find it operates with less "lag"
  15. All androids i used were easy to get used to, once u get used to it your vision is more clear and you see that iphones r just overpriced overrated pieces of crap
  16. Let's all fight about whose phone is better
  17. I'm tempted to pre order it soon, but the ram is lesser than my One Plus Two.
    Also not sure that Huwaei will do a good job with it.
  18. I don't always play kaw on my phone, but when I do, I prefer an idevice.
  19. IPhone? Never heard of it
  20. Not sure what you're needing a back button for. If you're trying to switch between apps simply double tap your home button and scroll to the app you want open.

    If you want to completely close an app: while in that scroll between apps mode you just slide the app up and voila the app is closed.

    Anytime when switching phones it's a bit of a learning curve to learn all the tips and tricks.

    In regards to running apps and such while on a phone call that's a network issue not a phone issue, I have no problems using KaW or other apps while on a call. You can push your home button on a call without ending the call, it just makes the call a green bar at the top of the screen.