CR breaking from Apoc

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  1. What happened there?
  2. No surprise there, Apocs own manipulative and dirty leadership style is their own undoing. All those that join Apoc for the use of their "special" stuff soon find themselves to be nothing but meat shields forced to do the bidding of Apoc without any real access!
  3. Says people that have no clue apparently lol

    CR was part of the first 6 that started apoc. And they were one of the biggest clans to join as well. The original clans had singularity and likemindedness in their path forward together, and all of us locked arms for that same vision. All good things soon end for whatever reasons (even though we had a pretty good run before all the adjustments and splits). But don't think for a second they joined for "special" perks....
  4. And I still have trouble with the whole meatshield concept...anyone of us join for PVP, you're only a "meatshield" if you do nothing but take hits. Those who think they are a meatshield don't belong anyway.:)
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    Blah blah blah it’s cuss they are failing
  6. My take on the meatshield thing was general and not defensive, "its cause they are failing" doesn't belong here
  7. I love being a meatshield. Makes my device more actively vibrate. This makes me look important
  8. Aren't they also in OSW now? So somethin happened. Or they just wanted to war for funsies
  9. Strange coming from an iG member. Your clan hasn’t been relevant since 2012

  10. Dude, i could grow an account 10x your size in a day easily, talk about relavence lmao
  11. Why you bringing it up then?
  12. Good for CR, apoc is a dumb high school clique with weirdos who like to put “machine” in their name

    They’re basically ZAFT 2.0 but less cool
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  13. They think they're cool though.
  14. Ouch, that's kinda mean.
  15. Right Terra, you're not even active enough to be considered.
  16. I’ve been thinking about a name change


    So what do have against machines ?
  17. You would have to ask CR that question. Asking in forums will give you lots of half truth and b.s. As you can judge by they comments already made.
  18. feel like kofte dont let other people use machine in there name so good luck with that
  19. I was part of zaft for there last great osw it was the fact that it went on for so long and leadership just went missing was the undoing for zaft
  20. Machine tag has lost its value. It’s not supposed to be a KOTFE tag, but for tags for great warriors. However, tags are only given to those inside KOTFE, and those undeserving of it receive them now