Courting Danger

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  1. Courting Danger

    "At last, you have discovered the reason for Holm's strange behavior: the person in your Field Marshal's guise was not Holm at all, but a changeling from the realm of the faeries.

    But why have the faeries taken Holm? And what is this debt that they claim you owe them?"

    This event consists of a primary Legend and an extra Legend available immediately, as well as a set of three side-Legends that will unlock the day after with 2000 collection items. These side-Legends will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed.

    The Summer Tournament will be re-run this weekend, so there will only be one PvP event from July 26-29.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, July 17th until Wednesday, July 31st at Noon PT.

    More Furnishings

    A little while ago levels 11-20 were released for furnishings. In order to help get more furniture out to players, we are now releasing a furniture box! The Palace Furnishings Chest is guaranteed to contain a piece of furniture from previous events, up to and including Return of the Dark One. Chests are rewarded for completing the easy/medium/hard Side Legends which begin tomorrow. Beginning next event, they will also be given out in the main Legend questline. Palace Furnishings Keys can be purchased for 15 NB each.

    This box does not include any top 10 reward pets or war furniture.

    Palace Furnishings Chest and Key

    Regular mystery boxes and paid mystery boxes have also been improved. Regular boxes will now contain slot-specific furniture upgrade components, and paid mystery boxes now give out more furniture!

    Furnishings for Courting Danger will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Faerie Court Box, and Royal Faerie Court Box.

  2. I bet Holm is just faeking it all for attention
  3. Woo more chances at furnishings
  4. So Holms was a faerie all along?
  5. Alt armies inc
  6. So in order to 'get more furnishings out to more players' you release a box.. OK this one sounds good! ... (cont) but to open it costs 15 nobs?! Where's the logic in that one?

  7. Devs are greedy. Don’t care about players all they want is that bread
  8. A Jackalope! :)
  9. How do we get these new boxes?
  10. They are rewarded for completing the easy/medium/hard side legends which begin tomorrow. Beginning next event, they will also be given out in the main legend questline (wanted them to be for this event, but unfortunately we weren't able to get them added in time).
  11. More questions than answers. No support.
  12. Cool Bedroom set :).
  13. I like the idea of releasing a chest with past furnishings, they've done it once before with the Prima chests. The only difference between then and now is there was a free chest to go with them. Are there plans to do something similar?

    Another question regarding the chests; can we trade them? Or will they be account locked and once you get it your stuck with it unless you open it?

    I can see why the key for it would be slightly more expensive as you're guaranteed a single piece of furniture. But I doubt people would want to pay 15 nobs to end up getting nothing but floors and walls, as they'll likely have the highest drop rates. Is it possible with this new chest to get more than 1, or is it capped at just 1 per chest?
  14. But I liked when he had flowers in his beard 
  15. Is anyone experiencing an increase in furniture in royals? Because I’m not lol. Still zero drops so far
  16. It seems the drop rate of event chests has been reduced dramatically.
  17. Palace furnishings chest are a waste. There should of been a bronze, silver, and gold tier to the chests seperating the rarity of the furnishings maybe having keys costing 5, 10, and 15nob.
  18. Yes the drop rates for furnishing chest suck .. Rates are better on regular chests I highly recommend not opening.
  19. I got a floor out of my furn chest
  20. This game and all others in the app store are businesses. They have bills to pay too. Why do you expect everything for free? Are you Canadian,English or from some other liberal place? What the devs should do is place ads in everyone's kingdom who don't buy at least one package a month. I would support that.