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  1. Quiz time!!

    if this thread isn't ok mods lock it


    topic - australia
    • • what is the national flower?
      • what's the average population of Australia
      • what is one of the main natural attractions? (Sometimes considered one of the natural wonders if the world)
    • • what's the likelihood of you staying alive if u were in the middle of Antarctica in winter?
      • what's the bird that can't fly?
  2. Australia
    Bottle brush/wattle
    22 million
    Great Barrier Reef/Uluru
  3. Rolf Harris?
  4. Ask questions that aren't so easy to google answers to :(
  5. I didn't google. It where I am so I knew the answers.

    He's in prison in England....
  6. But he's Australian.
  7. He's also a convicted child molester and sex offender highly hated the UK doesn't let them walk around regardless of how they play their wobble board.
  8. Penguins
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  11. first off, how does an 'average population' work?

    and the coral reefs for the tourist attraction?
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