Cosa Nostra - recruiting.

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by TheNeo, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. The people are nice and all but I still dont get how i was sketchy :l
  2. idk the reasons as to why you were kicked but im pretty sure there was a valid reason to it as cosa is a very fair clan
  3. I love it here. Proud to be apart of the family :)
  4. KOT. You dance in that corner -->

    And the people here are awesome :) Come join us!
  5. I was kicked because when i joined i was acing "sketchy" although i dont see how stating your favorite flavor of icecream is sketchy
  6. Support to a great clan :)
  7. Literally the best clan thread I've ever seen. Good luck to you guys
  8. We are still here. We got a pretty amazing core and are always looking for more awesome people to join us and extend our family.
  9. This looks fun. I'm quite tempted. :)
  10. Good post bud, had i not joined hog and am loyal here, id come to CN with you to fight with you again, like the old days. Its good to see you back and enjoying KaW  maybe after my war is over ill come visit for a bit <3