Corrupt a Wish..

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  1. Ohaider!

    If you're so inclined, let's play a KaW forum classic.


    Grant the wish above you, but corrupt it.

    If you're the wishee (person wishing), try not to be corrupted.

    Granters, do your thing.

    I'll start:

    I wish I had a Klondike bar.
  2. Granted but no one will play your game so you don't feel like you did anything to deserve it
  3. I wish for 1 Million Dollars in Bitcoin that I shall have full 100% Legal access to and will be stored in a hardware waller for security, only I know of its existance and have several backups including 1 I keep on my person at all times
  4. Hyperinflation occurs in the US under a new president. Your 1 million US dollars are now worth $1.

    I wish that the fan fiction sub forum would be active again
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  5. Granted, but everyone active on it came over from pimd.

    I wish dinner was ready now and not in 30min :(