Corrupt a Wish

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Guzzle, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. You get Justin Bieber in drag 

    I wish for 1billion dollars
  2. Granted but cancer kills u and ur money burns

    I wish my wishes were endless and couldn't get corrupted
  3. Granted but no1curr.

    I wish for an apple fritter.
  4. You take a big bite into the apple fritter then remember that you are allergic to flour, apple and sugar. You are also lactose intollerant.

    I want an unlimited source of money.
  5. Granted, but you become mean and lazy.

    I wish to win KaW.
  6. Granted but its only because everyone else left.

    I wish for infinite wealth
  7. Granted, infinite Monopoly money wealth.

    I wish for no wishes. 
  8. Granted. But then someone make another thread where you'll tell your wishes and the op can farm you if you disagree.

    I wish that I can fly freely in the sky without any modern flying machines. Just free....
  9. Granted. You can only fly 1 inch above the ground.

    (after reading this thread I have the word granted stuck in my head)

    I wish I could eat as much as I wanted and not get fat
  10. Granted. But you got tonsilitis. And heart attack...

    (also, try to read other threads maybe it will be removed or listen to different songs :) )

    I wish that I can rap
  11. You can rap just really badly

    I wish I was bouncy
  12. Granted. But you can't stop bouncing until you got into the electric wiring...

    I wish I can make a good story...
  13. Granted but fans hate that some of the main characters died so they stab you in the night.

    I wish the earth would explode
  14. The earth explodes, however it's after man kind moves to mars, all of man kind except for your family...

    I wish I had a pony
  15. You get your pony but find out it's dead and you are on some twisted gameshow where you have to eat it

    I wish I was watching this show
  16. You're watching the show but you are the surprise viewer chosen to help him eat it.

    I wish I wasn't in class.
  17. Granted. You aren't really in class, you were having a flashback of your life while awaiting the electric chair to turn on.

    I wish I was the world's most morally sound man.

  18. Granted but you're the world's least mentally and emotionally sound man.
  19. I wish for a nice car
  20. Granted but it's only a toy.

    I wish for a big house