Corrupt A Wish Game

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  1. Granted, but it gets corrupted anyways.

    I wish I could see an eighth color.
  2. Granted but you're color blind

    I wish I had 1,000,000 nobs and xtals
  3. Granted, but your account gets banned for having the game.

    I wish I was bc
  4. Granted but the devs open new lands

    Wish my bfa was bigger
  5. Granted but then the Deva bring out massive bfe which means every noob fairy can destroy you
    I wish I had another wish
  6. Granted, but the wish-granting system doesn't work anymore.

    I wish to travel around the world.
  7. Granted, but service is nonexistent and you can no longer play KaW!

    i wish to be the most feared player in all the land!
  8. Granted but the only reason they fear you is your body odor & eventually seek you out with a bucket of soap & water

    I wish people would quit saying Kaws dieing. (disclaimer can't say it dies)
  9. How are these post count farming threads still going :roll:
  10. Granted. But new ToS/ToU makes saying "kaw is dying" a silence-able offense.

    I wish i got 1 silver bar everytime the 3b icetail ad is posted in wc.
  11. Granted but now you lose every ally value

    I wish I took over over with an iron fist
  12. Granted . But unfortunately we just magnetize the floors and your fist while you sleep. Now you're stuck trying to pull your hand up like Loki trying to lift Thor's hammer.

    I wish someone would corrupt my wish.

  13. Granted, but you're not allowed to make anymore wishes due to widespread corruption within the wishes bureaucracy.

    I wish there was no "no wishing for more wishes rule" so that i could wish for more wishes.
  14. Granted, the "no wishing for more wishes rule" has been lifted! Your freedom lasts for five solid seconds before you found yourself seeing a pop-up screen saying you are banned from making wishes for 1 year!

    I wonder how the crowd would react to such a greedy wish, only to have their plans backfired xD

    I wish I could tap someone on their shoulder from behind, and shout:
  15. This is quite a dark game lol.
  16. Granted but you forever get punched on the face by strangers

    I wish I would win the lottery with that wish being corrupted
  17. Granted, along with the 424billion other winners you owe $.37 tax

    I wish to catch a charm scammer and scam him first:)
  18. Granted, but after you successfully scam the scammer you will face a 1-year ban from the game, along with the scammer by ATA since two wrongs don't make a right!

    I wish I could buy a new musical instrument for free!