Corrupt A Wish Game

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  1. Your clan decides to do ebs for a whole month

    Wrong thread :(
  2. (Wrong thread buster)

    I'll start it again
    I wish I was a bird
  3. You become a crow and get shot by a farmer.

    I wish I had wished that my unlimited wishes that I will wish for can't have any repercussions
  4. The magic Genie is confused by your wish and makes you explode instead.

    I wish to be Batman
  5. Wish granted. You have lost your parents.

    I wish for a a cookie.
  6. Lol that is agreed.

    Your wish is granted. You get shot at and/or wounded on a nightly bases by criminals. Not only that but you have no social life besides your interactions with your butler and the few parties you host in an attempt to stay a part of society even though you are late or have to cancel the party early.

    I wish that I could travel through space to the far reaches of the universe.
  7. Granted, you never see your family again,

    I wish to live forever
  9. Wish granted you get bored of living so long and commit suicide

    I wish im a lion
  10. Wish granted
    You are now a lion
    Lion fur value goes up and you are now being hunted
    Good luck

    I wish i could have absolute control over gravity
  11. Then u fall into a black hole

    I wish I had ten wishes
  12. To get ten wishes you must give them away to some crazy man

    I wish I had a giant death ray to ransom the world for a lot of money
  13. The death ray is faulty and doesn't work

    I wish to be a dev for kaw
  14. While in the ATA yacht you fall off and drown.

    I wish for KaW to get better updates with no repercussions
  15. The game updates then the internet is shutdown forever by a world wide chain of emp bombs

    I wish to marry a hot model
  16. It turns out to be a *******.

    I want a big apple to sleep with at night.
  17. Why not a banana

    I wish i could marry Taylor Momsen
  18. Wish granted but like all famous people she begins to use drugs and her appearance drastically changed until one day she ODs.

    I wish that I could live long enough to play virtual reality games.
  19. You get trapped in Sword Art Online.

    I wish I had $7.50.
  20. But you dropped it in a storm drain...

    I wish I had art school classes this week....